Scottish Recipes

Scots Gingerbread (old Scottish Recipe)

Scots Gingerbread (Old Scottish Recipe)

By Susan Feliciano
Here is another old Scottish recipe that is printed on the linen towel I have hanging...
Scottish Eggs Recipe

Scottish Eggs

By Pat Duran
My friend from Scotland gave me this recipe, his favorite tailgate recipe. Now is the...
Scotch Eggs Recipe

scotch eggs

By mary hendricks
These are great hot out of the oven or even cold. My kids love these. Real...
Short Bread Cookies Recipe

Short Bread Cookies

By Amy Herald
This recipe comes from the Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbook, 11th edition. If you like...
Highland Treat Oat Pancakes Or Waffles Recipe

"Highland Treat" Oat Pancakes or Waffles

By C G
Printed on the back package of Bob's Red Mill Scottish Oatmeal. You could substitute Irish...
Simple Slumgullian Recipe

Simple Slumgullian

By Gael King
This recipe was passed down from my Scottish grandparents. But it is a very old...
Savory Scotch Meat Loaves Recipe

Savory Scotch Meat Loaves

By Cindi Bauer
I love these scotch meat loaves with the ketchup glaze on top. You can make...
Blueberry Jelly Recipe

Blueberry Jelly

By Amy Alusa
Although I found this recipe on Taste of Home some time ago; it originally came from...
Scotch Shortbread Cookies Recipe

Scotch Shortbread Cookies

By Julie Smith
This was my great grandmother Nita's recipe (born 1892) and her mothers before her/ 5th generation...
Shepard's Pie Recipe

Shepard's Pie

By Dave T.
Over the weekend I fixed a left small beef roast for my wife and I as...
Cock A Leekie Soup. Recipe

Cock a leekie soup.

By mary hendricks
If chicken noodle is the Jewish antibiotic then this is its Scottish cousin on steroids. This...