Jello Salad Recipes


By Jewel Hall
This is the perfect Cranberry Congealed Salad for your Thanksgiving meal. For years my in-laws have...

Things Have to Change: Thanksgiving Pretzel Salad

By Angie Walker
This recipe caused memories of childhood Jell-O to come flooding back. To see more go to:...

"Cranberry Sauce Mold"

This is so pretty & attractive setting on any table and the taste is Just as...

Grandma's Cranberry Salad

By Leah Stacey
I grew up with my grandmother and mom making this every year for the holidays. This...


By BonniE !
This ain't your mama's jello! But you are going to love it. Give your mama some,...

Lime Jell-o cottage salad

By Teresa P
This is a favorite copy cat recipe from the restaurant Furr's


By Eddie Jordan
With it's lemon lime base and pineapple flavor, it's good with any meal.

Pretzel Salad

By Jane Whittaker
I got this recipe from a very sweet lady that lived in the park where we...

Pineapple-Orange Congealed Salad

By Betty Graves
This recipe is delicious served with one of your special meals.

Festive Tomato Aspic

By Clarissa Stuart
At the holidays, when salad greens are sometimes not at their best, this tasty salad offers...

Mary's Easy Tomato Aspic

By Jeanne Bredemeyer
This recipe came from a retired nurse friend many years ago. Everyone loves it and...

Cranberry Delight Jello

By Debra Hughes
This will keep ALL GUESTS, or anyone who trys it WONDERING "WHAT" MAKES IT SOOOOOO Delicious....

Upside Down Fruit Salad

By Karla Everett
I enjoy making this recipe because a cake pan is the mold. It's fun to make...

Creamed Fruit Medley

By Karla Everett
This is a delicious and quick dessert to whip up in a hurry and its always...

Grandma's Orange Salad

By Kay-Dee Shelton
My Grandmother made this every family gathering. It is one of my all time favorite recipes....

Orange Gelatin Salad

By Stephanie Dodd
I like anything with mandarin oranges and this salad is light and refreshing for spring and...

Orange Pineapple Mold

By Patti Rahilly- Jones
Great addition to a Spring dinner. I always have this at Easter and summer cookouts.

Cranberry Delight

By Marianne Gleason
Our family is not a fan of fresh cranberry relish and the canned cranberry jelly is...

Jell-O Pear Salad

By Betty Graves
This is my daughter in law's recipe. When we have our family gatherings I always...


I like to make this salad when I have a heavy meal planned. This is...

Freda's Cherry Delight

I had this recently @ a friends Home On Game Night, While Playing games, This was...

Beauty Salad

By Karla Everett
This is a very pretty and delicious fruit Jello-salad. Got this recipe from my Grandma years ago.

Cherry Jello Salad

By Jenni K
Who would think something so easy would be such a big hit? I get asked...

Orange Tapioca Delight

By Pam Ellingson
I got this recipe from my Niece who brought it to our Mother's Day dinner and...
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