Italian Recipes

Whether you're in the mood for comforting lasagna or looking for an easy tomato sauce recipe, search these flavorful Italian recipes.

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Elaine's Easy Pasta Fagioli

Great flavour. Very fast and easy with pantry ingredients. The amount of heat in the ...

These are the Italian version of Cheesy Bread Sticks.

Big Ole Bill's Grissini al Formaggio

These Cheesy Bread Sticks go good with any Italian meal or just with a salad.

Marry Me Pork Chops on a plate.

Marry Me Pork Chops

I defrosted chops and had a plan but didn't have the ingredients. I made this ...

Easy Baked Chicken Alfredo

Easy Baked Chicken Alfredo

This recipe is yummy and will feed a crowd!! You can also personalize it to ...

Jason's No Leftover Pasta in a bowl.

Jason's No Leftover Pasta

This is one of my favorite recipes. It's creamy, bacony, mushroomy, sun-dried tomatoey, pestoey - ...

A delicious plate of rigatoni with hot Italian sausage, onions, red peppers, ricotta and marinara sauce.


Packed with flavor, this delicious comfort food is perfect for weeknights!

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Comfort Essentials: Italian Meatball Stew

This is an excellent recipe where you toss all the ingredients into your slow cooker ...

A deliciously easy and flavor-packed Chicken Pesto Pasta made with chicken breasts, mushrooms, spinach, and penne pasta all drenched in creamy pesto sauce.  In less than 30 minutes you too can make this tasty pasta dish.

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Quick and easy Chicken Pesto Pasta combines golden brown chicken pieces with fresh sauteed mushrooms ...

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Homemade Essentials: Limoncello Liqueur

This is a great liqueur, and is the second most popular one in Italy, the ...

Pollo Parmigiana Della Cucina

This recipe is inspired by one of the newest menu items aboard the Carnival cruise ...

Spaghetti Carbonara

Fun Fact: Spaghetti is the plural form of the Italian word spaghetto, which is ...

Beautiful baked chicken breasts topped with prosciutto then eggplant, marinara sauce and cheese plus garnish with fresh chopped parsley


Colorful, easy to make and definitely tasty, this is a dish to enjoy anytime or ...

Lighter Pasta Carbonara

A much lighter version of Pasta Carbona and still same deliciousness.

Almond Joy Biscotti

Coconut, nuts, and chocolate in a delicious cookie that is perfect for dunking in coffee ...

Perfectly cooked pappardelle with pancetta, mushrooms and cheese


This quick and easy dish is perfect for weeknights or when you don’t want to ...

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Low-and-Slow Essentials: Mighty, Meaty Pasta Sauce

I keep trying to work on my Aunt Josephine’s Sunday gravy, and I keep getting ...

Chicken meatballs in a Tuscan inspired cheese sauce.

Tuscan Inspired Chicken Meatballs

This easy delicious keto friendly meal will break up the dinner rut. The creamy delicious ...

Roasted Mixed Mushrooms with Saba Sauce

Saba sauce is an Italian sauce that is made of grapes that are reduced to ...

Egg Noodle Lasagna with Aged White Cheddar Cheese

Wanted lasagna but didn't have any noodles or mozzarella cheese so I came up with ...

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells (Meatless) on a plate with salad.

Three Cheese Stuffed Shells (Meatless)

I got this recipe from my Italian girlfriend from work. This was actually the first ...