Hungarian Recipes

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash*chicken And Dumplings Recipe

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash*Chicken and dumplings

By Deb Crane
This is my grandmother's version of Hungarian Chicken Paprikash. If there is food served in Heaven,...
Hungarian Nut Rolls Recipe

Hungarian Nut Rolls

By Donna Bardocz
This wonderful recipe was my husband’s Hungarian grandma’s recipe. She would lovingly make them whenever...
Grandma Lee's Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Grandma Lee's Cabbage Rolls

By Jane Whittaker
My Grannie Lee made these frequently when I was growing up. We had these anytime we...
Hungarian Nut Rolls Recipe

Hungarian Nut Rolls

By Laura Yoder
This was a special treat that my Hungarian grandma made for us when I was growing...
Hungarian Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Hungarian Cabbage Rolls

By Laura Yoder
I learned to make this recipe from watching my grandma. The filling is also perfect for...
Dobosh Torte Recipe

dobosh torte

By catherine goodchild
heaven melting in your mouth. the best 2nd best hungarian dessert i have ever had. wont...
Tony's Chicken Paprikash Over Spaetzle (dumplings) Recipe

Tony's Chicken Paprikash over Spaetzle (Dumplings)

By Kim Biegacki
This is comfort food and so incredibly delicious. My first time to experience this dish I...
Hungarian Noodle Bake Recipe

Hungarian Noodle Bake

By Deb Crane
This is a family staple at our table! What's there not to like? :) I found...
Potato Dumplings And Cabbage / Hungarian Haluska Recipe

Potato Dumplings and Cabbage / Hungarian Haluska

By Deb Crane
My Grandmother used to make this frequently. My Dad was reminiscing and I made this for...
Hungarian Green Beans With Creamy Roux Onion Sauce Recipe

Hungarian Green Beans with creamy roux onion sauce

By Deb Crane
These green beans, with the creamy, sweet and sour onion sauce are wonderful! We had a...
Shell Pasta Goulash Recipe

Shell Pasta Goulash

By AJ Ely
One year at my kids' annual 4-H club's annual mystery menu dinner (that's a story in...
Hungarian Kiflii Recipe

Hungarian Kiflii

By Dorene Nagy
The first time I went to Michigan and met my husbands family, they made these for...
Stuffed Date Cookies Recipe

Stuffed Date Cookies

By Pat Duran
This recipe is from my 1979 recipe collection and Aunt Cece.
Cherry Salsa Recipe

Cherry Salsa

By Pat Duran
This is good with poultry , pork or tortilla chips, a little spicy to WOW your...
Hungarian Goulash Recipe

Hungarian Goulash

By Zelda Hopkins
This Recipe is also from the Larkin Cook book. Again I will write it as told...
Aloha Victory Roll Recipe

Aloha Victory Roll

By Pat Duran
This recipe was given to me by my Aunt Mary. A great comfort food, quick and...
Sour Cream Pecan Tea Ring Recipe

Sour Cream Pecan Tea Ring

By Pat Duran
I don't remember where I got this recipe- I just know that I have had and...
Wild Mushroom Beef Stew Recipe

Wild Mushroom Beef Stew

By Zelda Hopkins
If you are looking for a hearty beef stew that will stick to your ribs you...
Chicken Paprikash Recipe

Chicken Paprikash

By Angela Wagner
I got this basic recipe off Allrecipes, but I changed it around a bit and now...
The Szilagyi / Ur Family's Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage (töltött Káposzta) Recipe

The Szilagyi / Ur Family's Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage (Töltött...

By Hope Vaillancourt
This recipe comes from my great great grandmother Julia (Juliska) Szilagyi who was born in Hungary...