Keto Recipes

The keto or (ketogenic) diet is low carb, high fat diet similar to other low carb diets like the Atkins diet. In simple terms starving the body of carbohydrates puts the body in a metabolic state called ketosis (hence the name) where the body produces ketones. In this state, the body burns fat rather than storing it. The keto diet is growing in popularity and we've pulled together our best keto recipes to help you with your low carb needs!

This batch does not have the chopped parsley. Another thing store was out of. So not as much green in as normal. But when the chemo beaste craves gotta feed what it wants despite lack of products.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh salad

I love Tabbouleh. A Mediterranean salad.Traditionally made with bulgar wheat. A friend is gluten free ...

Simplified Butter Chicken

All the flavors of the traditional Butter Chicken, easy enough for any week night dinner.

Roasted Salmon and Peppers, one of my hubby’s specialties.

Roasted Salmon and Peppers

This is one of my hubby's special dishes. It is so easy, and full ...

A delicious Orange Sriracha Sauce for wings.


With just a few ingredients, this is a flavorful condiment you really need to add ...

Mom and my brother Tom won the award for the best chili in 2014.  She passed away on January 19, 2023.  I made this yesterday in her honor.  Truly yummy!

2014 Championship Chili

Mom and my brother Tom won a chili cooking contest in 2014 in Paris, Texas. ...

A gorgeous Denver Omelet served with sautéed potatoes, fresh fruits and a side of toast.


This recipe is an American classic that never gets old! Enjoy this tasty omelet for ...

Baked chicken drumstick.

Baked Chicken Drumsticks

This easy baked drumstick recipe is family (and budget!) friendly. It's easy to double or ...

Really Easy Roasted Cauliflower

Really Easy Roasted Cauliflower

This really easy cauliflower recipe is fast to prep and easy to cook. It's versatile ...

Cauliflower florets cut nice and neat.


This method is quick and neat! It's a great way to have florets without the ...

A couple mugs filled with luscious and creamy hot cocoa and garnished with whipped cream and shaved chocolate.


Smooth, luscious and delicious, this is a great beverage recipe to sip during the cold ...

Roasted balsamic vinaigrette chicken and veggies.

If you want an easy Keto or Low Carb meal that only uses one pan, ...

poppycock copycat but better


I lived off poppycock then 1 day they were out of it so I figured ...

A tasty and gorgeous salad with farro, arugula, chickpeas, cucumber, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, mixed bell pepper, red onions, radishes, pistachios, parsley and mint.


Incredibly tasty and also very healthy, this amazing salad is a great recipe to enjoy ...

Low-Carb Chicken Pizza Crust

A great Keto/Low Carb alternative to regular pizza crust. You can play with the seasonings ...

Sausage Rotel Egg Bake

Sausage Rotel Egg Bake

This is a great Keto/Low Carb egg bake that stands out from the typical ones ...

Brussel sprouts and bacon with sugar free maple balsamic glaze.

Sugar Free Maple & Balsamic Glazed Brussel Sprouts

Living a Keto lifestyle now means we make small changes to our favorite recipes. This ...

A tasty Chocolate Martini garnished with a rim of red & green sanding sugar and a chocolate stick.


It’s a delicious cocktail to enjoy anytime! Dress it up to look festive for the ...

Hot buttered French bread with delicious chilled Corton pork spread!

Mimi’s French Corton Pork Spread

I’ve been eating this and enjoying it for as long as I can remember! Every ...

Shrimp skewers and salad

Scrumptious Shrimp Skewers in a jiffy

Super simple and yummy. Pair it with a salad and maybe some warm bread

Beautiful chestnuts ready to be roasted.


Once they're done, use them in many different delicious recipes.

Filet of Snapper topped with Veggies

A simple, flavorful fish meal, add a salad as a side, or rice

A delicious & healthy Brussels Sprouts Salad with onions, pomegranate seeds, apple, walnuts and cheese.


Quick and easy to make, this is a festive recipe to serve anytime but more ...

A tasty meatballs tajine in a zesty tomato sauce topped with cooked eggs


This exotic African dish is a flavorful combination of ingredients! This one pot meal is ...