Other Bread Recipes

Bake up something fun tonight! Check out these favorite bread recipes... then maybe share a few of your own.

Cast iron pan of golden cornbread

Southern Cornbread

This is plain and simple southern style cornbread! Nope! No sugar in mine. Real southern ...

A platter of German Soft Pretzels.

German Soft Pretzels

Steven, my son, is quite the chef nowadays and has taken numerous awards, including Chef ...

Amish Fancy Butter and Egg Dinner Rolls on a plate.

Amish "Fancy" Butter and Egg Dinner Rolls

Another recipe that I brought home from my trip to an Amish community in northern ...

Multigrain Bread, sliced.

Multigrain Bread (Bread Macine)

This is the name of the bread in my bread machine recipe book, and this ...

Cinnamon Honey Scones

Lovely with a cup of tea.

Cherry Citrus Scones

Lovely with a cup of afternoon tea.

Slices of Yummy Yum Yum Zucchini Bread.

Yummy Yum Yum Zucchini Bread

I never have any of this left. It disappears faster than the time it takes ...


This is a wonderful bread that I use in so many ways, and the beautiful ...

There are few things in the world as good as fresh English Muffins.

Gary’s English Muffins

I love English Muffins. After much research, I have made my own hybrid version, borrowing ...

Little Caesars Copycat Pretzel Cheddar Pizza.

Little Caesars CopyKat Pretzel Cheddar Pizza!

Ok, I have been working on this recipe for a month or 2 (this is ...

Cake donuts and their holes.

Cake Donuts

Donuts or Doughnuts, these are easy to prepare, and they are delicious! Amount made will ...

A nice, buttery brioche bread freshly baked!


With a nice buttery flavor, this is a perfect bread to serve with your meal ...

Rye (dark) and light (wheat) starters. They need to bubble like this before use.

Dark & Light Sourdough Starters

Sourdough starter is actually a very old and healthy way to make bread and the ...

A stack of Bread Crumb Hotcakes.

Bread Crumb Hotcakes

This was always a favorite when we went to Grandma's house. I love Saturday mornings.

A platter of Shrimp Toast.

Shrimp Toast - My Way

There is a Chinese restaurant here that has shrimp toast on its menu. I dream ...

Slices of Onion Garlic Beer Bread.

Onion Garlic Beer Bread

We absolutely love this bread! I use fresh green onions and fresh garlic. ...

Asiago Spinach and Artichoke Dip for Game Day with tortilla chips.

Asiago Spinach and Artichoke Dip for Game Day

This is a fave at all parties. I serve it up in a nice bread ...

Sesame Crackers out of oven

Homemade Sesame Crackers

These are great with cheese or ranch or other sauces. I checked the bottom of ...

A platter of Momma Sweet Biscuits.

Momma Sweet Biscuits

My 9 yr old son named this snack/dessert. (Momma sweet biscuits). Now they are requested ...

A bowl of nicely toasted flour.

Toasted Flour • How to

This is a great way to enhance the flavor of your recipes like pasta, pizza ...

A loaf of Dan's Favorite Irish Soda Bread.

Dan's Favorite Irish Soda Bread

This is the Irish soda bread that my husband Dan loves throughout the year. I ...

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Soft, Light English Muffins for Bread Machine

This is, by far, the best recipe for English muffins I've ever tasted. They are ...

Freshly baked 3 loaves of bread cooling on rack on stove top.

Steven King's Basic Bread

This recipe is Steven King's recipe with tweaks to time to rise, temperature, time to ...

Slices of Crusty Italian Bread with dipping oil.

Crusty Italian Bread

My husband loves bread in any form, but especially Italian bread. I found this recipe ...