Flatbread Recipes

Koo Koo For Krackers! Recipe


By Colleen Sowa
This is my favorite home made cracker... bar none! They are easy and fun and so versatile....

Wet Burritos (chicken) Recipe

Wet Burritos (Chicken)

By Candy Hummer
Another favorite in our house! Homemade tortilla's, homemade refried beans all combined with chicken and cheese...

Focaccia Bread W/potato Dough Recipe

Focaccia Bread w/Potato dough

By Bella AZ
A Cook's Illustrated Inspiration!! Using a small, boiled potato to this dough gives it a beautiful lightness...

Asian Scallion Cakes Recipe

Asian Scallion Cakes

By Pat Duran
I usually make a cracker and similar dip like these to watch the football game with...