Quick Recipes

Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

Wrapped Asparagus

Jeannie Marlinghaus
By Jeannie Marlinghaus

This is an easy appetizer that looks and tastes fabulous. I have made it without...

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Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Jess Weible
By Jess Weible

I love Buffalo chicken wraps. I get them at the Officer's Club here. This is my...

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Mini Easter Baskets Recipe

Mini Easter Baskets

Nettie Perry
By Nettie Perry

I made these for the kids but the adults took them over...They are so cute and...

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Chorizo Refried Beans Recipe

Chorizo Refried Beans

Debra Castillo
By Debra Castillo

My family love these beans. They are so flavorful and are a great side dish to...

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Super Quick Potato Salad Recipe

Super Quick Potato Salad

Pam Ellingson
By Pam Ellingson

I wanted to make some potato salad, but didn't want to heat up the kitchen boiling...

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Honey Crunchies Recipe

Honey Crunchies


These are simple, wholesome, ingredients that combine to create an "old world" flavor that reminds me...

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