Other Main Dish Recipes

Ham & Cheese Crescents Recipe

Ham & Cheese Crescents

By Debra Russell
I used smoked swiss and in some, smoked cheddar. I stuffed mine with a whole piece...

Southern Poke Sallet Recipe

Southern Poke Sallet

By Robert Priddy
We have a large abundance of this down here in the South during the spring time....

Braunswager And Radish Sandwich Recipe

Braunswager and Radish Sandwich

By JoSele Swopes
This is one our family favorites, Braunswager and radish open face sandwiches...I learned how to make...

Very Unusual Blt Sandwich Recipe

Very Unusual BLT Sandwich

By Colleen Sowa
This is another unusual sandwich using peanut butter... may sound strange... but it is really good! Posting...

Lamb Runza Recipe

Lamb Runza

By LeAnn Boardman
So easy and yummy. I have friends over every year for a weekend and this dish...

Cajun Potato & Corn Soup Recipe

Cajun Potato & Corn Soup

By S I
I made this in culinary school during "refrigerator madness day," in which we had to come...