#summer food Recipes

A gorgeous pasta dish made with chicken, fresh vegetables, pesto and seasonings.


This quick and delicious colorful dish is perfect to serve for either lunch or dinner.

A gorgeous Nicoise Salad perfect to enjoy during summer


The combination of this salad is exactly what summer is all about; fresh and healthy ...

Two bowls of black cherry ice cream to enjoy on a hot summer day.


Dark, delectable and delicious, this is a recipe you really have to make this summer ...

A gorgeous healthy salad topped with grilled shrimp.


Packed with fresh ingredients, this colorful dish is absolutely delicious. It’s summer on a plate!

A delicious cold tarator soup garnished with chopped roasted walnuts, fresh dill and walnut oil.


Slightly different from the traditional one, this delicious dish is great to enjoy during the ...

A tall glass with a layer of whipped cream, coffee granita and topped with more whipped cream.


Deliciously refreshing, this Italian Coffee Granita is the perfect cold treat to enjoy this ...

Perfectly grilled chicken pieces served on pita bread with a delicious yogurt sauce.


Colorful and so flavorful, these are a delicious change from traditional BBQ fare.

A gorgeous cupcakes with a delicious frosting and decorated with green sanding sugar


With a light and fluffy Tequila Lime buttercream, these little guys are a great way ...

A couple scoops of chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate Ice Cream

This no churn treat is absolutely delicious & easy to make! With chocolate chunks, this ...

A grilled burger topped with a pineapple slice and a teriyaki sauce.

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers

With amazing ingredients, these mouthwatering burgers will definitely satisfy your taste buds this summer.

A mixed tomatoes with bocconcini cheese and topped with basil leaves.

Mixed Tomato Salad

Incredibly flavorful, easy, tasty and healthy, this is a recipe you have to make!

A blueberry cake served on a blue plate with a coulis of crème Anglaise.

Blueberry Cake

It’s a great way to enjoy these berries with this beautiful summer dessert!

Refreshing, well-seasoned, delicious and healthy, this cold soup is perfect to serve on a hot summer day.

Sopa Ajoblanco • White Gazpacho

Refreshing, well-seasoned, delicious and healthy, this cold soup is perfect to serve on a hot ...

Two burgers filled with grilled chicken, guacamole, tomatoes and lettuce.

California Burgers

Moist, tender, smoky and absolutely delicious, these are definitely a great choice for the summer.

A couple scoops of ice cream served in a bowl.

Coffee Ice Cream

Creamy and so refreshing, this flavorful & tasty cold treat is a must make for ...

Some creamed peas in a blue serving dish.

Creamed Peas

This recipe is such a simple and yet flavorful dish to make! Creamy and delicious, ...

Two tall milkshakes sitting on an outdoor table.

Strawberry Milkshake

Refreshing and absolutely delicious, this scrumptious treat is perfect on a hot summer day!

A fish fillet topped with a red sauce and garnished with slivered almonds and roasted red peppers.

Romesco Sauce

This is an amazing recipe packed with flavor! The smokiness of it pairs beautifully with ...

Light, colorful with a crispy crust and fluffy sweet interior, this delicious dessert is perfect to serve for any special occasion!


Light, colorful with a crispy crust and fluffy sweet interior, this delicious dessert is perfect ...

A slice of coconut cream pie served on a blue plate.

Coconut Cream Pie

Creamy, rich and tasty, this pie is so delicious! With its beautiful coconut flavor, this ...

Teriyaki Beef Kabobs

Oven-Made Beef Kabobs with Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Well, we don't have a grill and to be honest I don't like all the ...

Three fudgesicles on a plate.


Cool, refreshing and so chocolaty, this homemade recipe is absolutely delicious! This cold treat HAS ...

Bowls of cucumber salad sitting on a beige mat filled with a red towel.

Cucumber Salad

Fresh, light and tasty, this salad is perfect to serve on hot summer days! It ...

Croissants filled with shrimp salad.

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Creamy, crunchy, light and delicious, this sandwich is a great recipe to make when you ...