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hummingbird buns

Hummingbird Buns

Kitchen Crew avatar
By Kitchen Crew
The iconic Southern hummingbird cake takes on the delicious form of a breakfast sweet roll! ...
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Cheesy Chicken Crescent Rolls.

Cheesy Chicken Crescent Roll

April Alvarez avatar
By April Alvarez
Had this at a church dinner very easy and very good.
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A platter of Hocus Pocus Buns.

Hocus Pocus Buns

Rachel Burbank avatar
By Rachel Burbank
Watch these hocus pocus buns disappear after you make them!
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A tray of Apple Rolls With Caramel Topping.

Apple Rolls With Caramel Topping

Dianne Wells avatar
By Dianne Wells
Made this recipe up and have had lots of raves when I sent them to ...
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Single Serve Skinny Monkey Bread ready to be eaten.

Single Serve Skinny Monkey Bread!

Katie Fairless avatar
By Katie Fairless
If you love monkey bread (or just love the combination of biscuits, cinnamon, sugar, and ...
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Amish Fancy Butter and Egg Dinner Rolls on a plate.

Amish "fancy" Butter And Egg Dinner Rolls

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
Another recipe that I brought home from my trip to an Amish community in northern ...
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A platter of Galabki (Real Polish Stuffed Cabbage).

Golabki (real Polish Stuffed Cabbage)

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
Pronounced go-WOM-bki, also known as cabbage rolls. This recipe is the REAL Polish stuffed ...
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The most delicious homemade rolls you may ever eat!

Airbuns (homemade Rolls)

Vanessa Robertson avatar
By Vanessa Robertson
This is a recipe that has been in my husband's family for years. I ...
Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll on a plate.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls Using Bread Maker

Barbara Kavorkian avatar
By Barbara Kavorkian
Break out the bread machine again for this wonderful treat!! I had some pumpkin left ...
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Grandma Delsie's Cinnamon Rolls on a plate.

Grandma Delsie's Cinnamon Rolls

Shelia Senghas avatar
By Shelia Senghas
Grandma Delsie's Cinnamon Rolls will have you salivating with the aromas filtering from your kitchen ...
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A platter of Millie's Sweet Potato Biscuits.

Sweet Potato Biscuits, Millie's

Millie Johnson avatar
By Millie Johnson
I first had these little biscuits at a quaint mountain restaurant. This is my own ...
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Zucchini Crescent Casserole ready to be sliced.

Zucchini Crescent Casserole

Shirley Schiavone avatar
By Shirley Schiavone
This is a wonderful vegetable dish. My significant other really enjoyed it and wants me ...
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A plate of 60 Minute Dinner Rolls.

60 Minute Rolls

BETH HART avatar
This can be made into bread or rolls, and is really only 60 minutes from ...
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Excellent for family and friends get togethers. Wonderful for events and holidays.

Bonnie‘s Ham And Cheesy Brunch Buns

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
Ham and Cheesy Brunch Buns are perfect for get togethers with family and friends, holidays ...
A basket of the Best Dinner Rolls Ever.

The Best Dinner Rolls Ever!

Marie Baker avatar
By Marie Baker
I have to admit these are the best I have had!
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German Brötchen inspired hard rolls.

Hard Rolls

Sheila Schwartz avatar
By Sheila Schwartz
You can ask anyone who ever lived in Germany what they miss most and get ...
A basket of Grandma's Yeast Rolls.

Grandma's Yeast Rolls

Jessica Ezell avatar
By Jessica Ezell
My family loves these rolls. I have to make them every holiday. I love the ...
(4 ratings)
Gooey inside of a Strawberry Peach Pie.

Strawberry Peach Easy Pies

Karen Rees avatar
By Karen Rees
What I cook my family when the sweet tooth is calling and my pantry echos ...
(5 ratings)
A tray of Honey Dinner Rolls with cinnamon butter.

Honey Dinner Rolls

Kathleen Taylor avatar
By Kathleen Taylor
These taste just like the dinner rolls at the Texas Roadhouse Restaurant. They are ...
(6 ratings)
Italian Beef on bread with melted cheese.

Italian Beef

Laura Yoder avatar
By Laura Yoder
This beef is so flavorful and tender. It is perfect for parties and it travels ...
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A corned beef sandwich made with Artisan Dutch Oven Sandwich Bread

Bonnie’s Artisan Dutch Oven Sandwich Bread

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
This recipe was created to make a special organic sandwich bread that would hold up ...
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Goat Cheese And Chive Biscuits

Gina Davis avatar
By Gina Davis
I LOVE me some Goat Cheese, I put it in Grits, Mashed Taters, Scalloped Taters ...

Fresh Blueberry Biscuits

Janet Crow avatar
By Janet Crow
When a good idea comes together you want to share it for others to enjoy. ...
A plate of Easy Big Fat Dinner Rolls.

Easy Big Fat Yeast Rolls

Christine Bronston avatar
By Christine Bronston
Easy dinner rolls. Everyone loves hot, fresh bread. This is an easy recipe that my ...
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