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River Bottom Pie

River Bottom Pie

Amanda Sanchez avatar
By Amanda Sanchez
This is one of my family's favorite summertime desserts. It was a recipe passed to ...
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Sensational Cupcakes & Frosting -diabetic Friendly

Penny Jordan avatar
By Penny Jordan
Being a diabetic with a sweet tooth I am always working to come up with ...
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Easter Egg Cake

Easter Egg Cake

Jan Burch avatar
By Jan Burch
With Easter coming up, I just had to share a picture & recipe for my ...
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St. Patrick's Day - Pistachio Cream Cheese Pie

Bobby (*_*) avatar
By Bobby (*_*)
HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY. I decided to make a cream cheese pie, using pistachios and a ...
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Chocolate Graham Pistachio Cheesecake

Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal avatar
By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
I had a couple puddings in my pantry whipped up this so easy delicious light ...
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Pistachio Dessert

Jenny Powers avatar
By Jenny Powers
This is a recipe from my mother and was a favorite. I lost my ...
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Didn't have my own picture. Grabbed this one from the internet. Will add my own next time I make these.

Chocolate Spumoni Cupcakes

Melissa Turner avatar
By Melissa Turner
Who doesn't love Spumoni. Chocolate, cherry and pistachio all rolled into one. Simply delicious!
(2 ratings)
Comfort food Cutlets baked with love & pistachios :)

Pistachio & Provolone Encrusted Chicken Cutlets

Wendy Ann Stauffer avatar
By Wendy Ann Stauffer
My husbands added touch makes this dish leave your family asking for seconds :) Cooked w/ ...
(2 ratings)
This yummy dessert is good any time

Pistachio Eclair Dessert Recipe

Anna Russell avatar
By Anna Russell
"It's tasty and easy to fix," she notes. "I've often brought it to family gatherings ...
(2 ratings)

Holiday Pistachio Dessert Recipe

Anna Russell avatar
By Anna Russell
Dessert, which my children gobble up immediately. It’s a hit at every gathering!
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Pistachio Cake With Butter-rum Cherry Glaze

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This pistachio cake is really pretty. I love the glaze. With the red and green ...
(2 ratings)
This is beautiful and GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!

Pistachio Mousse Brownie Torte

Tammy Lanier avatar
By Tammy Lanier
This is not for the chocolate gooey/rich faint of heart lol.I found this on a ...
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Pistachio Fruit Salad

Debbie Rodgers avatar
By Debbie Rodgers
My youngest son had this at a family event and loved it! I came home ...
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Pistachio Salad

Belinda Hughes avatar
By Belinda Hughes
This is a huge staple at almost any family event. It is one of ...
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Awesome Pistachio Cake/frosting-diabetic Friendly

Penny Jordan avatar
By Penny Jordan
(1 rating)

Bob's "cone-oli"

Brandy Bender avatar
By Brandy Bender
Very creative!
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It's pure love in my tummy....moist,
simple, yet a classy cake!  As my husband says:

Grandma Overgaard's Pistachio Cake

Lynda Hayes avatar
By Lynda Hayes
I remember the first time my Grandma made this cake. My grandparents stayed with my brother ...
(4 ratings)
The 13teen day of Christmas cookie.

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Vanessa Nikita Milare avatar
By Vanessa "Nikita" Milare
This is the 13teen cookie of the 25 Days of Christmas. If Santa doesnt like, ...
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Snowy Holly Berry Tree Cookies

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
These sugar cookies are semi-loganmade. They are quick, easy and delicious. The colors ...
(1 rating)
This is sooo good!

Pistachio Ice Cream

Sandy Griffin avatar
By Sandy Griffin
This is my close friend's favorite ice cream. We used to get Ben & Jerry's ...
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Pistachio Pecan Party Cookies

Zelda Hopkins avatar
By Zelda Hopkins
This has become one of my favorite cookies for the Holiday. You know the green ...
(3 ratings)

Pistachio Cheesecake

Theresa Dibert avatar
By Theresa Dibert
(1 rating)

Spicy Mango Chutney

Pam Ellingson avatar
By Pam Ellingson
My family loves East Indian food and when you serve it, it is absolutely necessary ...
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Pistachio Nut Cake

Laura Davis avatar
By Laura Davis
This cake uses a yellow cake mix, instant pistachio pudding and it's covered with a ...
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