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Two glasses filled with Holiday Aperol Spritz ready to be enjoyed!

Holiday Aperol Spritz

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Quick and easy to make, this original cocktail is perfect for Holiday celebrations!
Cocktail Quiche on a plate.

Cocktail Quiche

Deb Crane avatar
By Deb Crane
Very simple, effortless make-ahead appetizers! Bisquick saves the day and makes its own crust! I ...
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A platter of Firecracker Cheddar Bay Sausage Balls.

Firecracker Cheddar Bay Sausage Balls

Anna Whitehead avatar
By Anna Whitehead
I came up with this recipe on Thanksgiving morning for breakfast. All of them were ...
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A bowl of Loaded Nacho Dip with chips.

Loaded Nacho Dip

Sheila Kremer avatar
By Sheila Kremer
I've had this recipe since I was in college - many, many years ago! ...
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Easy Key Lime Pineapple Pie ready to be sliced.

Easy Key Lime Pineapple Pie

Francis Sterling avatar
By Francis Sterling
I can eat this whole pie! However, I do share it with my boys... and ...
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A slice of Savory Spinach Carrot Mushroom Kugel on a plate.

Savory Spinach Carrot Mushroom Kugel

Helaine Norman avatar
By Helaine Norman
This is my version of a savory kugel side dish I tweaked over the years. ...
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A gorgeous White Russian ready to enjoy.

White Russian

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Perfect when entertaining, this classic drink should definitely be on your bar menu
Perfectly toasted crostini in a serving bowl.


Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
These Italian little toasts are incredibly easy to make and an amazing food vessel for ...
Bruschetta & Cheese in a bowl to serve.

Bruschetta & Cheese

Bobbi Gulla avatar
By Bobbi Gulla
This is best made with New Jersey tomatoes. I live in NJ's sister state, Pennsylvania. ...
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A platter of Fluffernutter-Butter Bars.

Fluffernutter-butter Bars

Tam D avatar
By Tam D
I took a simple old favorite and set out to make it something special. My ...
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A tasty Chocolate Martini garnished with a rim of red & green sanding sugar and a chocolate stick.

Chocolate Martini

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
It’s a delicious cocktail to enjoy anytime! Dress it up to look festive for the ...
A delicious wheel of brie with tasty fillings wrapped just like a gift in puff pastry!

Brie En CroÛte

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
This is a real crowd pleaser and the beauty of this is recipe is different ...
Layered Chicken Nacho Dip with chips.

Layered Chicken Nacho Dip

Ashley Gunderson avatar
By Ashley Gunderson
I created this on a Sunday to have for the Chicago Bears game. I just ...
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Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese potatoes ready to be served.

Mozzarella And Parmesan Cheese Potatoes

JILL McEachern avatar
By JILL McEachern
I was looking for a different side dish. This is my concoction and I will ...
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A delicious and refreshing punch made with fruit juices, sparkling wine or Champagne.

Holiday Punch

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
Celebrate the New Year with this tasty drink! It’s not only fruity and refreshing but ...
Russian Deviled Eggs garnished with red caviar and a sprig of fresh dill.

Russian Deviled Eggs • Oeufs à La Russe

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
This colorful & tasty elevated version of the traditional ones is the perfect hors d’oeuvre ...
A bowl of Corn and Bean Sweet Chunky Salsa with chips.

Corn And Bean Sweet Chunky Salsa

Kimberly Kolligs avatar
By Kimberly Kolligs
So easy! When I bring this to a party everyone wants the recipe. So here ...
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View of finished cake.

Jenny's Crushed Pineapple Upside-down Cake

Jenny Glenn avatar
By Jenny Glenn
Pineapple Upside Down Cake is probably my family's favorite dessert. Since I'm usually pressed ...
A nice chilled martini garnished with blue cheese stuffed olives.

Dirty Dry Martini

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
This refreshing cocktail goes down so smoothly! Serve it with blue cheese stuffed olives!
A platter of Linda's Hot Lemon-Herb Chicken Wings.

Linda's Hot Lemon-herb Chicken Wings

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
I made this recipe about 35 yrs ago. There is a story behind it... I ...
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Coconut Berry Macadamia French Toast assembled.

Coconut Berry Macadamia French Toast

Diane M. avatar
By Diane M.
I love nutty, loaded sweet stuff! This has all my fav's all put together... Great ...
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Three peaches and cream cheesecake bites on a plate.

Peaches & Cream Cheesecake Bites

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
Our peach trees did amazingly well this year, so I'm trying to use their fruit ...
Baked enchilada casserole.

Chickilada Casserole

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
This is my delicious, mild, cheesy chicken enchilada casserole with a sour cream sauce. I ...
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Basic, Easy Guacamole

Easy, Basic Guacamole

Family Favorites avatar
By Family Favorites
I have a recipe for salsa verde and guacamole posted from a friend who grew ...
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