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Take Me Back To Texas Chili

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By Kim Biegacki
Though I am in "The Heart of it ALL" Ohio sometimes I long to be ...
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Finished product!!

Stuffed Jalapenos

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By Brooke Chadwick
I got this recipe out of the "Cook This, Not That" Book. They are amazing! ...
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Chocolate Covered Jalapenos

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By Rachel Bentley
Husband and Father In Laws Personal Favorite
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A bowl of Mexican Red Table Salsa, Roja de Mesa.

Mexican Red Table Salsa, Salsa Roja De Mesa

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By Juliann Esquivel
This salsa dates back to my great-grandmother's time, I am sure even further back. This ...
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FYI, there is not normally this much liquid.  I used frozen corn and did not thaw and rinse.  Either way is fine.  You can cook this on the stove and that will cook out some of the liquid too.

Hot Corn

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By Missy Wimpelberg
This is such a yummy dish. What a great twist on corn, especially for ...
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Carne Guisada (mexican Beef Stew)

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By Kim Biegacki
While living in San Antonio, Texas and working at a Mexican restaurant I fell in ...
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assembles before baking

Tex/mex Potatoe Casserole

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By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
This is an adaptation of a Paula Deen recipe. My husband is spanish so ...
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Jalapeno Popper Dip topped with a few slices of peppers

Jalapeno Popper Dip

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By Melanie B
This was posted on another site by a mixer called CMorrison64. I have made ...
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These are simply Amazing !  I makes sure to double wrap with foil as the sauce leaks on occasion.

Cowboy Potatoes

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By Dawn Whitted
My family loves spicy food. This is my version of a recipe I found ...
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Chili Double Cheese Dip With A Kick

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By Deneece Gursky
A good friend of mine brought this to one of my get togethers and i ...
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Stuffed Jalapenos

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By Jeanne Benavidez
This is a recipe I got from a friend of mine many years ago. This ...
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Erwin's Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos

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By Jamie Ball
These yummy peppers are named for the friend who gave me the recipe one day ...
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We ate it right out of the mixing bowl! But we were nice enough to share with our neighbors.

Peach Salsa

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By Melissa Etheridge
This recipe is a little spicy, but it's a great way to use fresh peaches, ...
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Ethiopian Tomato Salad

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By Laurie Sanders
I took an African cooking class this week and this is the salad we made ...
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Stuffed Jalapenos W/ Chipotle Ranch Dipping Sauce

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By Karen Murray
This is one of my family's favorite appetizers. Everywhere I take them, they always ...
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Bit-o-heat Heart-attack-mac

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By Jenny Wemple
Definitely not for the faint of heart or anyone watching calories! This mac and cheese ...
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Easy Cheesey Nachos

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By Brandy Bender
Great for movie night!
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Sweet And Spicy Chili

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By Monica Valenti
DON'T LET THE LONG INGREDIENT LIST SCARE YOU OFF. This is a super meaty chili that ...
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