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#french fries Recipes

Cheesy Oven-Fried Potatoes on a plate.

Cheesy Oven-fried Potatoes

Rebecca Trent avatar
By Rebecca Trent
I made this recipe and thought these potatoes would be good with some cheese sauce. ...
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Battered French Fries with ketchup.

Battered French Fries

Maria Shinzai avatar
By Maria Shinzai
A change from regular fries. These are battered just like when you batter chicken or ...
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A platter of Fantastic French Fries.

Fantastic French Fries

Cheryl Culver avatar
By Cheryl Culver
An easy and very tasty recipe for oven-baked crispy french fries. Serve with your favorite ...
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Perfectly crispy and easy Air Fryer French Fries are always a hit.  Enjoy all the taste of fried taters without the added fat and calories.

Air Fryer French Fries

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
These easy homemade Air Fryer Fries cook up crispy without the added fat from deep ...
A platter of Bonnie's Best Oven Baked Fries and Potato Wedges.

Bonnie's Best Blue Ribbon Oven Baked Fries

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
I have always had a passion for French fries, and therefore, I could never pass ...
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Chili Cheese Dip

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This is super easy, with minimal ingredients. Great appetizer in a hurry or on a ...
Easy Baked Sweet Potato Fries are french fried cut pieces of sweet potato coated with a perfect blend of smokey spices and cooked to crispy perfection  The end result is mild yet flavorful.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
Easy Baked Sweet Potato Fries are french fried cut pieces of sweet potato coated with ...
Bet you will eat one before it ever gets to the table!

Guiltless French Fries

Sherry Blizzard avatar
By Sherry Blizzard
Who doesn't love French Fries? Who doesn't love seasoned crispy French Fries? This ...
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Potato Wedges

Robyn Bruce avatar
By Robyn Bruce
Use this recipe as a side to just about anything. Burgers, chicken, meatloaf, etc. ...

Fish And Chips

Patrick Meyer avatar
By Patrick Meyer
This recipe was inspired by A Salt and Battery, a Fish and Chips Shop in ...
Garlic Crab French Fries With Aioli Sauce

Garlic Crab French Fries With Aioli Sauce

Jane Kaylie avatar
By Jane Kaylie
I went to a local wine and food festival last fall and one of the ...

Canadian Poutine ~ My Way

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
I love French fries dipped in just about any kind of gravy! Traditional Poutine uses ...
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~ Cheddar Bacon Fries ~

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
I needed something quick and easy, so threw this together. I should have made a ...
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Superb ~ Parm - Garlic Fries

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
Want something absolutely delicious to wow your friends at your next get together? Serve up ...
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Bacon Hamburger Steak With Mushroom Gravy

Sherri Williams avatar
By Sherri Williams
What better way to celebrate my 300th recipe on JAP than with a good for ...
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Chili Fries

Chili Fries

Sara Andrea avatar
By Sara Andrea
I love to make these fries to go with my Cilantro Burger!

Garlic Truffle Potato Wedges

Nor Mac avatar
By Nor Mac
These are delicious. I order Truffle fries a lot when I go out to dinner. ...
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Crispy Baked Potato Fries

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
It has taken me a while to get a really good baked fry. The ...

Malt Vinegar Aoli

Rose O'Connell avatar
By Rose O'Connell
It you enjoy french fries with malt vinegar on it you will really enjoy this. ...

Oven-baked Sweet Potato Fries

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
I love all kinds of fries… doesn't matter the potato; I like fries. But I ...
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Cajun French Fries

Christine Schnepp avatar
By Christine Schnepp
Very simple and really crunchy. I found this recipe awhile ago and jotted it down. ...
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Bonnie's Lemon Dill Fingerling Potatoes

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
Tonight's dinner was salmon with lemon and dill, and these lemon dill fingerling potatoes were ...
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