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3 healthy ingredients is all that is needed to make your furry, four-footed friend some yummy dog cookies.  Healthy enough that humans could eat them too.

Easy and Healthy Dog Cookies

This recipe was given to me by the local Imminent Danger German Shepherd Rescue. ...

An egg-ceptional hot dog with a piece cut away and the yolk dripping.

Egg-ceptional Hot Dogs

I bought a hot dog at the deli in my local grocery store. The styrofoam ...

Susie's Pretzel Dogs

These are great for Super Bowl parties or taking to work for lunch! They ...

This is my shih tzu Molly when she was 6 months old.

Mom's Apple & Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

I have made this recipe using 1 egg & using the above amounts of ingredients. ...


Spiced Pumpkin Snaps Dog Treats

I found this recipe in the mail from Publix Paws. Hope your fur kids ...

Peachy squirrel cookies for the dog

What is better than a peachy tasting cookie in the shape of a squirrel for ...

Oat Pulp Doggie biscuits

Yesterday I was out of Raptor's snacks so I created these. To date they are ...

before cooking

Beef biscuits for dogs

This is Raptor's new favorite. This dog won't eat bacon or sausage but loves these, ...

Raptor Lil-Lady

Flea Zapper for your Pampered Pooch

Why buy those expensive flea liquids that when all is said and done the only ...

Dog Cookies

My 2 mini dachshunds love these dog cookies, and beg for them when I get ...

You are going to go to bacon heaven with this awesome bacon jam! Use this on sandwiches, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, muffins, cookies and even ice cream. The sky is the limit on what you can do with this bacon jam. Yum ... caramelized bacon!

Uncle Sneaky's Bangin' Bacon Jam

This recipe was inspired by my husband who told me he dreams about bacon in ...

Mama Porkpie's Dog Food for Little Fatties

Mama Porkpie's Dog Food for Little Fatties

My girls are loving this recipe to help with their summer weight loss. I ...

Bacon Burger Dogs

My kids loved watching "The Cosby Show" episodes years ago. My son wanted to ...

I made three cookie sheets of these from this one recipe. You can make these cookies the way the recipe calls for or do as I did and just roll them out and cut into any shape you want. the smaller the more you get.

Banana Biscotti DOG treats

This is a Three Dog Bakery recipe that was published in the Cornell University newsletter, ...

For Dogs only, Oh I guess you could eat these if you want too.

Carrot Cakes for Dogs

You might think these look good enough for you to eat but no no no ...

You can cook these a little long if you want them darker.

Cheesy Dog Biscuit's

I think these just might be my dogs favorite treats, But dogs like everything right?

You can do any shape you want. You can form into round cookies, roll them out and cut or just cut into squares.

Canine Carrot Cookies

My dogs do love these, When I'm making cookie for them they are always sitting ...


Shiloh Treats

For that furry-dog-tastic animal in your life...LOL...Enjoy!!

I have made 2 dozens of mini peanut butter dog treats that are heart-shaped for Valentine's day. They are frosted with healthy dog frosting that I also have a recipe for - take a look!

Mini Peanut Butter Dog Treats

These mini treats are healthy, cute, and delicious for dogs that LOVE peanut butter! My ...

The pink dog treat frosting is show in a glass bowl and on a dog treat.

Dog Treat Frosting

This is perfect for dogs that LOVE peanut butter!

Crispy and oh so crunchy, these little bites are flavorful and fun!

Crazy Crispy Corn Puppies

If you like crunchy and crispy, then you are going to love this recipe. Cocktail ...

Purine Biscuits

Low Purine Dog Biscuits

Our Little girl was having problem with her urinary gland so I went on line ...