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Fundito With Chorizo & Black Beans

Dawn Whitted avatar
By Dawn Whitted
Fundito means molten or melted in spanish! who doesn't love melty gooey cheesy stuff? ...
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Delicious muffins, without the glaze!Add glaze to make it different, you choose!

Chocolate Chip Carrot Cake Muffins (small Batch)

Catherine Thompson Floyd avatar
By Catherine Thompson Floyd
Most recipes will make 12 muffins and I really can't eat that many! This recipe ...
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Sour Cream Choc Chip Cake

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
Deliciously moist! Every time I make this cake, it's a big hit. The sour cream makes ...
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Mom's Basic Comfort Cookies

Katie & Miki (mother & Daughter) Dingle avatar
By Katie & Miki (mother & Daughter) Dingle
I would bake these two-three times a week when my kids were little. They ...
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Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cookies

Catherine Thompson Floyd avatar
By Catherine Thompson Floyd
Chocolate chip cookies, my favorite! But one day I wanted to make them more festive ...
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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever!

Kelly Lollman avatar
By Kelly Lollman
These are always a big hit wherever I take them. There are never any ...
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My zucchini chocolate chip cake

Super Moist Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cake / Bread!

Melissa LE avatar
By Melissa LE
I am in love with this! I can not wait till zucchini season ever year! ...
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Not my photo

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
We love these soft gooey cookies..they never make it till cool. mmmm so good with ...
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Mom's Carmel Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley avatar
By Michelle 'FLAME' Kelley
ok give these babies plenty of room to spread. don't put them close together. or ...
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Nestle's No-bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Karen Vandevander avatar
By Karen Vandevander
These are really yummy and are so easy. The hardest part is waiting an ...
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chocolate chip cookies

Blue Bonnet Margarine Choc Chip Cookies

Joey Wolf avatar
By Joey Wolf
A friend of my son's steered me towards this recipe. He had just lost his ...
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This is a photo that I found off of a similar recipe online. My recipe is a bit soupier.

Easy And Delicious Shrimp Chip Dip

Melissa Varady avatar
By Melissa Varady
My mom has been making this yummy dip for as long as I can remember. ...
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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mary Armstrong avatar
By Mary Armstrong
This is a family favorite! These are better underbaked rather than overbaked.
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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheese Cake

Maggie May Schill avatar
By Maggie May Schill
I had some cookie dough and wanted chocolate chip cookies... I also have a lot ...
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this is not one of my pictures, when I make them again I will add one of mine.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies

Deb Piva avatar
By Deb Piva
this is one of my Families Must have Treats.
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Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crystal W. avatar
By Crystal W.
This is my go to cookie recipe....I love brown sugar, and the way it makes ...
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soft chocolate chip cookies

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies (bite Size)

Taleah Navarre avatar
By Taleah Navarre
I love soft cookies, so I really love this recipe because they start soft, and ...
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Chocolate Caramel Toffee Bars

Brandy Bender avatar
By Brandy Bender
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Favourite Banana Chocolate Walnut Bread

Laura Ormos avatar
By Laura Ormos
I've tried many many banana bread recipes and after some tweaking I think this is ...
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The Best French Onion Dip

The Best French Onion Dip

Myra Wynne avatar
By Myra Wynne
Quick, easy and so much better than store-bought! Try it once and I guarantee you'll ...
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CHOCOLATE CHIP CHAMP takes center ring for the victory!!!

Chocolate Chip Champ

Sandi Sheppard avatar
By Sandi Sheppard
Of course, not many people don't like chocolate chip cookies, so I took a classic ...
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Serious Cajun Chocolate Chip Cookies

Serious Cajun Chocolate Chip Cookies

Barbara Hahn avatar
By Barbara Hahn
Making a roux to add to the cookie mixture makes these chocolate chip cookies a ...
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Crossiant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Tiffany Young avatar
By Tiffany Young
Very Yummy when warm easiest thing to make in the world 3 ingredients and very ...
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