Soup Recipes

Looking for the perfect chowder? Got a hankering for a bowl of old fashioned chicken noodle? Silky bisque more your style? Cozy up with these delicious homemade soup recipes and warm yourself body and soul.

Tuesday at 7:35 PM

Crock Pot Pinto Bean Soup

By Janet Crow
My Grandmother used to make a simpler version of this soup using just ground hamburger. ...
Tuesday at 10:10 AM

Bay Scallop Chowder

By Francine Lizotte
This amazing dish is not only easy and tasty but comforting as well. It can be...
Tuesday, Nov 24 at 4:10 PM

Vegan Lentil & Rice Soup

By Amy Herald
When I was a young bride, I had a very thick, hard cover Vegetarian Cook Book...
Nov 22, 2020

Garlic and Ginger Veggie Noodle Soup

By barbara lentz
Great noodle soup
Nov 21, 2020

Cooking Under Pressure: Easy/Peasy Tomato Soup

By Andy Anderson !
Yesterday was a gloomy, cold day, as a matter of fact, so is today. I was...
Nov 20, 2020

Turkey Bone Broth in the Instant Pot + Canning

By Amy Herald
One of today's most popular health food is bone broth. Bone broth is flavorful and highly...
Nov 20, 2020

Crock Pot Black-Eyed Peas & Ham

By Judith Evans
This Crock Pot black-eyed peas and ham is easy, very tasty, and wonderful with cornbread! Feeds...
Nov 17, 2020

Cauliflower & Gorgonzola Soup

By barbara lentz
My husband doesn't like cauliflower or Gorgonzola cheese but he loves this soup.
Nov 15, 2020

White Chicken Corn Chili

By Trish Herzog
Recipe can easily be doubled by simply doubling all ingredients. Finely chopped celery, carrots, parsley, or...
Nov 13, 2020

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

By Sheila Nakata
This was one of the first recipes I learned as a brand new cook. It is...
Nov 10, 2020

Four Lily Soup

By barbara lentz
nice creamy soup
Nov 10, 2020

Chicken Pot Pie Soup

By Beth Pierce
Chicken Pot Pie Soup has all the comforts of the traditional pot pie without the time...
Nov 9, 2020

Ham and Cabbage Soup

By Mary Hunter
This recipe is comfort food. The combination and flavor of all the ingredients are so...
Nov 7, 2020

Big Ole Bill's Chicken Corn Noodle Soup

By Bill Heleine
Chicken Noodle soup was always my favorite. I took my mothers old recipe ( Her idea...
Nov 5, 2020

Ham and Bean Soup

By Beth Pierce
This mouthwatering good Ham and Bean soup is made easy with a simple ham steak and...
Nov 4, 2020

Pumpkin Tureen

By Jan Cook
This can be prepared in one, sincere pumpkin for a party tureen.
Nov 1, 2020

Chicken Green Chili Sherry's Way

By Sherry Blizzard
Fall weather is upon us. This is a healthy and different alternative to traditional red...
Oct 29, 2020

Creamy Cabbage Chowder

By Maggie M
If you like cabbage you will really enjoy this chowder. We saw a recipe for a creamy...
Oct 23, 2020

Zuppa Tuscana Hillbilly Style

By Barbara Miller
Don't be intimidated by the long list of ingredients. This soup comes together quickly and easily....
Oct 22, 2020

Ravioli Soup

By barbara lentz
Tasty tomato based Soup with cheesy raviolis
Oct 21, 2020

Chicken Taco Soup

By Beth Pierce
This delicious yet simple Chicken Taco Soup is made in less than thirty minutes right on...
Oct 20, 2020

Loaded Potatoes Soup

By Andrea Harris Jeremy Smart
This Loaded potato soup is amazing and you will want more , has a great deal...
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