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Puerto Rican Recipes

Coconut Candy

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By Sandy Mika
My mother in law showed me how to make this many years ago. When you ...


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By Cathy Smith
My old friend Milagros made this the first time for me, seems like a hundred ...

Coquito (coconut Eggnog)

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By Lois Hernandez
There are many different ways to make Coquito ......some people add sweetened condensed milk along ...

Coquito (ko-key-toe)

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By Itsia Lorenz
this tradition has been with my family for years.Is a sort of spicy egg nog. ...
This recipe and photo from : Mr. Renee Lalane from his family heirloom recipes.

Puerto Rican Egg Custard

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By Pat Duran
This is an heirloom family recipe from Mr. Renee Lalane. This is so good- I have ...
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Quick Easy Sofrito

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By Benelisa Cotto
this is a seasoning mix that all puerto ricans use as a base for most ...
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Plantain Mash (mofongo) W Puerto Rican Shrimp

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By Benelisa Cotto
Mofongo is a traditional Puerto Rican dish. It can be served with stewed beef, pork ...
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Grandma's Coquito (puerto Rican Eggnog)

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By Benelisa Cotto
so creamy and delicious that it warms your belly and your heart.this is a traditional ...
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Puerto Rican Flan Cheesecake

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By Benelisa Cotto
it is creamy and rich.this is a family recipe that has been a part of ...
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Black Bean And Chorizo Chili W Cilantro Cream Sauc

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By Benelisa Cotto
I won a local chili cook off with this recipe.I created it when i had ...
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Empanadas (beef Turnovers)

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By Carol Perricone
When my husband and I went to Puerto Rico on vacation 3 years ago, we ...
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Arroz Con Gandules

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By Cathy LaFay
I think I got this from a goya can of beans.
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By Natalie Robello
I put several recipes together to make one that i liked. I know it is ...
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Pork Shoulder Pernil - Spanish style

Spanish Style Pork Shoulder [pernil]

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By Zelda Hopkins
My Fellow is From Puerto Rico and this is the way his Mother fixed this every ...
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A wonderful holiday drink for those who really do not like egg nog.  This is a smooth coconut drink that is just as festive!

Mike's Coquito

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By Katrina Freed
Christmas 2010 our good friend Mike brought this drink to share. It is now tradition! ...
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This Cuban style meal is great for your family to enjoy on a warm winters night and the dinners table.  It's a great and hearty dish.

Aprie's Cuban Black Bean, Sauteed Chicken Breast Over A Bed Of Yellow Rice.

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By Aprie Allen
This is a recipe your family will truly adore and want to come back for ...
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P.r. Pork Slow Cooker

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By Deb Crane
This recipe is so tasty! My son has a friend who's Grandmother lives in Puerto ...
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Here is a picture of my finished dish Pigeon peas with pork and rice. Arroz con gandules y puerco.

Puerto Rican Pigeon Pea Rice & Pork/arroz Con Gandules Y Puerco

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By Juliann Esquivel
This recipe is delicious. It was given to me by my dear friend Anna's mother. ...
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Puerto Rican Rum Cake

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By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
This is my children's father's favorite cake. It is made by one of my ...
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Coconut Flan (coconut Custard)

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By Sweet Water From The Well
This recipe is perfect and is from Puerto Rico is my personal recipe and I ...
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Sofrito Feliciano

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By Susan Feliciano
Sofrito is a seasoning used to flavor many Puerto Rican dishes. This recipe came from ...
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Guava And Cheese Appetizers

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By Kim Biegacki
My first experience eating Guava paste was when I took a class in college 2004 ...
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Abuelita's Spanish Rice

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By Susan Feliciano
This is one of the ways my mother-in-law cooks rice. She is from Puerto Rico, ...
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Abuelita's Empanadillas

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By Susan Feliciano
Abuelita is the name my children use for my husband's mother - Spanish for "little ...
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