Convection Oven Recipes

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Shepherd's Pie

By Cari Blowers
If you want a taste of Ireland? Taste this Irish favorite comfort food.
Apple Pork Loin Recipe

Apple Pork Loin

By Kimberly Kolligs
I don't really eat pork a lot... usually. But apples can make anything amazing! So juicy...
Cheesy Bbq Meatloaf Recipe

Cheesy BBQ Meatloaf

By Sherry Tinnell
My kids aren't a fan of regular meatloaf, it tasted bland they say. Soo I turned...
Classic Lemon Bars Recipe

Classic Lemon Bars

By Darci Juris
If you like lemon flavor, this is the recipe for you. Super lemony, light and...
Homemade No Dough Flan Recipe

Homemade no dough flan

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Flan is one of my favorite deserts. This is delicious and has to be eaten cold!
Turmeric Savoury Feta Cheesecake Recipe

Turmeric savoury feta cheesecake

By Ramona's Cuisine -
Serve hot or cold with a little icing sugar on top if you wish and some...
Peach 'n' Berries Healthy Cake Recipe

Peach 'n' berries healthy cake

By Ramona's Cuisine -
If you wish the cake slightly sweeter, sprinkle 2 tbsp of unrefined sugar on top.
Nutty Lemon Squares Recipe

Nutty Lemon Squares

By Eddie Jordan
Nutty lemon bars are one of the most nutritionist treats.
Date Nut Loaf Recipe

Date Nut Loaf

By Eddie Jordan
This date nut loaf comes from my mother she made every Christmas and gave out as...
Lemon Bread Recipe

Lemon Bread

By Eddie Jordan
This lemon bread is one that came from my Mother. Her Mother passed it down to...
Berry Butty Bread Recipe

Berry Butty Bread

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Love my breads. This one so easy and bursting with berries and hazelnuts! Freezes well. Great to...
Chinese Almond Cookies Recipe

Chinese Almond Cookies

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Looking for a recipe for chinese almond cookies and found one to adopt. Love these simple...
Polish Noodle Casserole Recipe

Polish Noodle Casserole

this would be good on a cold day
Roasted Veggie Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe

Roasted Veggie Lasagna Roll Ups

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Took some sauce out of the freezer and roasted some vegetables. Rolled up to make these...
Baked Lemon Chicken With Pepper Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
Lemon chicken is the tops. This recipe was from my Mom.
Ugli Pineapple Cake Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
Many of my friends like this cake. It is a sticky cake and they like that....
Mexican Corn Bread Pudding Recipe


By Eddie Jordan
This recipe is so good. its good for a side for any dinner or just dinner...