Tofu/Soy Recipes

Thai Tofu Noodle Bowl

This is the first time I've ever really used tofu. I really enjoyed it in ...

Tofu, broccoli and red peppers are the stars of this dish

FunYum Tofu with broccoli and red pepper

Since the price of meats are going crazy and the fact that I like tofu ...

Glazing or Dipping Sauce - Oriental Style

I grew up on a street that was all Japanese people except for us. ...

Used in tortillas

Chorizo, Poblano and Potato Skillet

I love the taste of chorizo and the calories of soy chorizo.

Tofu Miso Soup

This quick&easy flavorful and VERY HEALTHY soup will go fast for anyone who wants to ...

Easy Quick Miso Soup

Really tasty. Great hangover cure. Super fast and easy to make. Add some mushrooms ...

The jack fruit and the tofu has been pureed. For a side dish, I use mushroom & onion. (grill)

Vegan barbeque Jack fruit&tofu

A fast and easy vegan food. The barbeque puts this over the top-Never say never ...

Korean Dipping Sauce

At our local Asian buffet restaurant, they serve a similar sauce with their dumplings. It ...

Orient Sesame Salad Dressing

Oriental Sesame Salad Dressing

Hawaiian style sesame salad dressing, made with a few simple ingredients

With me on Weight Watchers and a roommate who is gluten free, vegan and now vegan keto ... I still had to have my chile!  So I adapted my longtime chile recipe to be WW friendly, vegan ketogenic, gluten free ... and DELISH!  2 SP and 6 net carbs per cup!

Vegetarian Chili to Fool a Meatlover

You won't believe there is no meat in this, low carb, vegan chili! I ...

Veggies & Fish Smothered In Alfredo Sauce.

Delicious Dilly Alfredo Sauce

This sauce is great on veggies and pasta. I bet it would be good ...

Japanese Ginger Dipping Sauce

This is a classic take on the typical Japanese steak house ginger sauce used for ...

Sichuan Mapo Tofu

I like to eat this without the rice just like a soup. So delicious

Chocolate Mousse Cake

You can use agave nectar or maple syrup in place of the brown rice syrup. ...

Oriental Soup Tuesday's

I love Kimchi Soup and various types of Oriental Soup. I make mine in ...

So yummy

Marinade Essentials: Asian Fusion Sauce

This is my go-to marinade and brushing sauce when I’m grilling chicken, pork, or beef. ...

Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup

Delicious soup. Sweet, sour with some heat. Yum

Wonton Dipping Sauce (Sashimi)

I am very picky when it comes to soy sauce because it can be so ...

Crispy Sesame Ginger Tofu

This recipe will surely change your mind about Tofu, (if you had doubts).