Coffee/Tea/Beverage Recipes

Fully assembled cream puffs

Mocha Espresso Cream Puffs

I love baking all things! I learned how to make choux pastry when I worked ...

Honey-Turmeric Tonic

Great when feeling a little under the weather.

Coconut Flavored Coffee

I thoroughly enjoy this coconut flavored coffee. Which I added Homemade Coconut Coffee Creamer ...

Holiday Mint Coffee

This makes a good and festive cup of coffee during the holidays.



I love a cup of cocoa when the snow is coming down and the fire ...

White Hot Chocolate in a mason jar, next to a mug with a glass straw.

White Hot Chocolate, SCD compliant

This is so tasty I have to make extra for those in the household who ...

This Coffee Slushie is so good!

Coffee Slushie

This Coffee Slushie is so good!

Pudding cake after baked with a spoonful scooped out to show pudding/sauce on bottom.

Individual Mocha Pudding Cakes

I love pudding cakes and I love mocha, so this is a match made in ...

Photo of Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea, which I added some miniature ice cubes.

Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea

I made this Lemonade Flavored Iced Tea for many years. You can use either ...

Photo of Cinnamon Coffee, and before I top it with Extra Creamy Reddi Wip.

Cinnamon Coffee

I enjoy this cinnamon flavored coffee; especially after adding a bit of Half & Half ...

Sherbet punch is always the hit of the party!

Sherbet Punch

This has been a party and holiday staple in our home for years. My ...

Glasses of Hot Cranberry Orange Cider.

Hot Cranberry Orange Cider

Developed this for all the different guests we had over the holidays. It's perfect ...

Fresh Cherry Lemonade

Fresh Cherry Lemonade

A little bit sweet, a little bit tart. Perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day! ...

A delicious and fun Italian Cream Soda recipe with flavors for everyone all topped with fresh whipped cream and complementary garnishes.

Italian Cream Soda

These super easy Italian Cream Sodas are the perfect chilly sweet treat for those special ...

Extremely refreshing and with a beautiful combination of fruits, this cocktail is absolutely perfect to serve on a hot summer day

White Sangria

Extremely refreshing and with a beautiful combination of fruits, this cocktail is absolutely perfect to ...

Whipped Coconut Cream used in a strawberry shortcake.

Coconut Cream Whipped Cream

Coconut cream is a non-dairy alternative to heavy whipping cream. When a can is chilled, ...



Tastes just like it came from our coffee shop! Enjoy!

This Arnold Palmer Drink is a fun, easy, and refreshing mix of tea and lemonade.  It is perfect for pool parties, picnics, and camping trips.

Arnold Palmer

This classic Arnold Palmer Drink is a refreshing combination of tea and homemade lemonade. ...

Rainbow Sangria

Rainbow Sangria

This is like a pretty layered fruit salad with booze poured over the top! At ...

Spanish Calimocho

SPANISH CALIMOCHO (Coca-Cola Sangria?!)

Now here is something new that surprised and intrigued me! It seems there is a ...

Photo of the chilled coffee.

Chilled Coffee

The name of this coffee describes it best. And yes, it's very good. ...

Butterscotch Caramel Coffee topped with Reddi Wip Whipped Topping, and bits of Heath Flavored Topping Bits (Bits O' Brickle Topping Bits).

Butterscotch Caramel Coffee

I truly enjoy this Butterscotch Caramel Coffee, and have been making it for years.

Photo of Decaffeinated Lemon Flavored Iced Tea, which I also used the tea to make into ice cubes, so the sweetened tea flavored ice cubes, doesn't dilute the tea it's self.

Decaffeinated Lemon Flavored Iced Tea

This is a delicious lemon flavored iced tea which I make with Saccharin Sweetener, as ...

Photo of brownies after they were frosted, decorated, and cut into 9 servings.

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Don't think you can make chocolate brownies without an egg? ...