Other Bread Recipes

Bake up something fun tonight! Check out these favorite bread recipes... then maybe share a few of your own.


Mild Cheese Fondue Recipe

Mild Cheese Fondue

By Barbara Oseland
A nice mild cheese for those not into getting into the unknown (stronger) cheeses that you...

Gluten-free White Bread Recipe

Gluten-free "white" bread

By Krista Corner
My boyfriend has Celiac disease. It's a disorder in which the person has an allergy to...

Mom's Icebox Rolls Recipe

Mom's Icebox Rolls

By Janice Bartholome
My mother made these wonderful yeast rolls for every occasion -- sometimes Sunday dinner was all...

Coconut Carrot Cake Recipe

Coconut Carrot Cake

By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
A coconut with ‘a different twist’. The amount of carrot is just enough to provide a little...

Coconut Carrot Cake Recipe

Coconut Carrot Cake Recipe

By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
It's easy to make, and my family loves its moistness. It's impressive when prepared in three...

Cinnamon Bubble Buns Recipe

Cinnamon Bubble Buns

By Opal Jackson-Cakmak
You could definitely substitute the sugar for Splenda sugar blend, but....try these the good ol' fashioned...

Aloo Paratha (potato Stuffed Tortilla) Recipe

Aloo Paratha (potato stuffed tortilla)

By Ruma Chak
Parathas are a staple breakfast for North Indians. They cannot do without that. It can be...

Party Ham & Egg Salad Sandwiches Recipe

Party Ham & Egg Salad Sandwiches

By Joyce Harrison
You can't eat just one!!! These sandwiches are a favorite at our casual family gatherings...