LET'S HAVE A DRINK!  Volume 3 of 3

LET'S HAVE A DRINK! Volume 3 of 3
Created October 2011

By S I @SyiLuvsPastries
This is compilation 3 of 3 by Shirlie Ingram [SyiLuvsPastries]. These are the favorite Shots & Liqueurs, and Mixed Drinks recipes shared by myself and members of my group "Let's Have A Drink!" We hope you enjoy these as well as the recipes in volumes 1 and 2. CHEERS!!

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Deneece Gursky - over a year ago
love these books! honored to have been included : )
Lillian Russo - over a year ago
Thank you so much for adding my recipes to your cookbooks! =)
Sherri Williams - over a year ago
SALUTE! great job...
S I - over a year ago

I tried my best to include all of the recipes that have been shared in the group so far. If by chance I left ANYONE'S recipe(s) out, PLEASE let me know. It was not my intention to leave anyone out. You are only allowed 50 recipes per book (which is why I had to make 4), and it was hard trying to keep track of which ones were already used and which ones weren't. I thank each and everyone of you for sharing your recipes and hope you like the cookbooks (and that you don't have a problem with my including your recipes in the cookbooks). I guess I probably should've asked beforehand if anyone would mind my including your recipes. Sorry! Again...I thank you all for the great recipes! CHEERS!
S I - over a year ago
@ Wanda.....I'm sorry that you got bombarded with unwanted notifications, however, I didn't have anything to do with that. My guess is that it automatically goes out to anyone that has a recipe in the book or that is a member of the Let's Have A Drink! group. Therefore, I don't know how to "opt" you out of any future notifications. I'll pose a question to the JAP admin and other members to see if I can find out what has to be done. Again, I apologize for the unwanted notifications that you received.
CC MCCART-FROST - over a year ago
WOW Shirlie, what a compliment! Thank you so much for including my recipe in your new book. GOOD LUCK with it, bound to be a WINNER. CHEERS, CC
Patrice Manning - over a year ago
Hi Shirlie, Nice cookbook! I will download it so I can try some of them soon. Thank you for including some of mine.
Sherri Williams - over a year ago
great cookbook and gift idea! i'm intoxicated from all the fabulous drinks. thanks for including 2 of my recipes. that's very thoughtful. sw☺
Wanda Rowe - over a year ago
Please opt me out for any future "cookbook" sale notifications. This was #3 consecutive with no content except about selling a cookbook. Thanks