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Tuna Supremo Recipe

Tuna Supremo

Kellie Simpson
By Kellie Simpson

I was tired of the same old tuna casserole so I combined a couple of recipes....

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Chicken Pad Thai Recipe

Chicken Pad Thai

Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero
By Connie "Kiyu" Guerrero

The key to perfect Pad Thai is in the cooking (or "not" cooking) of the noodles...

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My Favorite Lasagna Recipe

My Favorite Lasagna

Jess Weible
By Jess Weible

I love this lasagna.. So Yummy! The flavor literally explodes in your mouth! Adapted from Pioneer...

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Eddie Jordan
By Eddie Jordan

There are so many wonderful casserole's but Cavatini is one of my favorites.

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Vegan Lasagna With Tofu Ricotta Cheese Recipe

Vegan Lasagna With Tofu Ricotta Cheese

Jo Zimny
By Jo Zimny

We tend to be weekend carnivores and want to eat vegan or vegetarian meals through out...

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