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Squash, Yellow Crooked Neck Old Southern Style in a serving bowl.

Squash, Yellow Crooked Neck, Southern Style

Caroline Reznicek avatar
By Caroline Reznicek
WARNING! WARNING! This recipe is not fat or sugar-free! Definitely not for diabetics, dieters, or ...
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Chicken Bites Tempura Style with fried rice and sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Bites Tempura Style

Ralph Creamer avatar
By Ralph Creamer
This batter works on onion rings, fish, and more. For the chicken bites, try adding ...
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Detroit Style Loose Meat Coney

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
Coney Island in New York is renowned for its hot dogs, but did you know ...
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Detroit Style Coney Sauce

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
American Coney Island in downtown Detroit has been selling Detroiters coneys for over a hundred ...

Chinese Style Bourbon Chicken

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
This is one of my favorite dishes at the Chinese restaurant we frequent often. With ...
A bowl of Turkey Fried Rice with chopsticks.

Turkey Fried Rice

Lynda Hayes avatar
By Lynda Hayes
This is an excellent recipe for all that leftover turkey! After a couple of days ...
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Grannys lemon meringue pie

Grannys Lemon Meringue Pie

Racquel Sweeney avatar
By Racquel Sweeney
I love this recipe, it reminds me of my granny sadly no longer with us. ...
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Country Style Pork Chops!

Tabitha Henrichson avatar
By Tabitha Henrichson
My dad used to make these when we were kids. It was one of ...
(2 ratings)
I made mine big so it only made 8

Cheddar Drop Biscuits

Cynthia Rivers Martinez avatar
By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
I got this recipe from a cookbook that my Momma put together over 20 years ...
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Easter Blue Almond Cookies

Olivia Russell avatar
By Olivia Russell
Who wouldn't love these gorgeous delicious cookies? Try to limit yourself to just one. I ...
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Old World Italian Bread

Megan Todd avatar
By Megan Todd
I love homemade bread, specifically Italian bread. My whole family are bread lovers! I used ...
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Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut Butter Cookies

Linda Barker avatar
By Linda Barker
This recipe was found in a cookbook I bought while on vacation in Branson, Mo ...
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Berries And Melon Slices - Pizza Style

Neela Rufus avatar
By Neela Rufus
This summer salad is easy to make and easy to serve. Can make this for ...
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German Sauerbraten

German Sauerbraten

Sandy Griffin avatar
By Sandy Griffin
Today we are going to relive some of our favorite foods from living in Germany. ...
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internet picture -- but mine looks very similar

Slow-cooker Pork Bar-b-q

Marcia McCance avatar
By Marcia McCance
I used to make this in the 70's when I was working at Newspaper Agency ...
(1 rating)
These are awesome.  Trust me everybody will want you to make them again and again.  They are a little time consuming but well worth it.

Southern Momma's Chicken And Dumplins

Cynthia Rivers Martinez avatar
By Cynthia Rivers Martinez
This is what I have come up with trying to duplicate my Momma's chicken and ...
(4 ratings)
southern bannana pudding

Southern Bananna Pudding

Dawn Ruiz avatar
By Dawn Ruiz
soooo easy and delicious
(2 ratings)
Dawns pork and cherry peppers

Pork And Cherry Peppers

Dawn Ruiz avatar
By Dawn Ruiz
These pork chops fall off the bone(if using pork with bone)they are spicy and be ...
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Garden Skillet

Darell Bell avatar
By Darell Bell
This is a recipe that my grandma would always make for us for dinner. We ...
(2 ratings)
delicious summer dish

Mama Emma's Iron Skillet Cream Corn

Terry Edwards avatar
By Terry Edwards
This was one of my favorite dishes,even for breakfast, when I would visit my grandmother ...
(1 rating)

Crock Pot Cranberry Turkey Breasts

Carol Junkins avatar
By Carol Junkins
This recipe is from my Crock Pot recipe book ~ Great for a main meal ...
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You can use any kind of cake pan ,round or square

Torta Caprese

Raphaela Cozzini avatar
By Raphaela Cozzini
I once went to Capri and had this wonderful cake. It is made with no ...
(2 ratings)
melts in your mouth.... get creative on your topping add one or more different toppings of your choice even choc. chips, or shaved chocolate, anything goes

O Charleys Caromel Pie

Cathy Boggs avatar
By Cathy Boggs
My Mother-In-Law makes this wonderful pie, I think its even better than the famous one ...
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Beer Braised BBQ Country ribs with Baked Beans, Whipped Potatoes w/chicken gravy

Beer N Bbq Braised Country-style Pork Ribs

Leigh Montgomery-Owens avatar
By Leigh Montgomery-Owens
The best BBQ Country Ribs I have ever ate much less made!! I love this ...
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