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By Amy H.
My family loves this stuff! It's one of the only ways to get them to ...
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Baked Cream Cheese Appetizer

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By Amy H.
This is a wonderful, easy and inexpensive appetizer. I serve it at Easter time and ...
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Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish/coffee Cake/pie

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By Family Favorites
On our way home, I asked my husband to just quickly stop at the store ...
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~ Pecan Tassies ~

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By Cassie *
My Aunt started the tradition of us all getting together to make these yummy treats ...
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Szarlotka served

Szarlotka - Polish Apple Pasty

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By Nor Mac
This is a Polish type of pastry. Although the Polish call it cake. It is ...
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Absolutely Awesome Chocolate & Pecan Tartlets

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By Andy Anderson !
Okay, it’s Sunday, and I have the test kitchen all to myself. I came up ...
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Ali's Plum Tart

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By Ali Bresnahan
Make sure the plums are ripe enough - it makes all the difference! To ripen ...
Chrusciki or Faworki or Krullers. These are delicious! I picked up a box of them on Sat. in Chgo and this is the last one left.

Polish Chrusciki Or Krullers

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By Denise Nalepa-Hucke
Mom and Granny would spend a day making these delicious deep fried pastries. We ...
Made with fresh cranberries!

Cranberry Torte

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By Katrina Freed
I wanted a way to use up a leftover bag of cranberries and now I ...
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 CUT LEAVES...looks vey nice on a pie!
I have done this for pies...many times.
Make a few or for the whole pie!
Hugs, ma
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Create Cut Designs On Pastry Crusts By Catieb

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By Catie B
When catering, and having a cooking and nutrition education business, classes took all forms. ...
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Homemade Meat Pies

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By Tammy Raynes
This is my meat pie recipe. This little delicacy, which was once sold on the ...
Tasty Empanadas

Tasty Empanadas

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By Lovefoodies Lovefoodies
Tasty Empanadas - Oh boy! A great authentic Argentinian recipe sure to please your diners!

Mom's Recipe For A Double-crust Pie

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By Fran Murray
My Grandma Johnson used this recipe and then taught it to my mother. She taught ...
My coffee ring

Swedish Coffee Cake Ring

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By Nor Mac
This recipe originally came from a bakery I worked in over 30 years ago. I ...
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Quick And Easy Raspberry Cream Cheese Pastries

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By Dawn Emel
These are gone within 30 minutes after removing from the oven. My family loves them!!!

Apple Strudel

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By Mary Hendricks
kids love this one.. manboys friends last night after pulling it out from the oven.. ...
Finished result.... It gives 9 slices, but the first is for the baker:-)

Brunsviger - True Danish Pastry

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By Lene Frost
This recipe is so easy and it tastes soooo amazing. This type of pastry is ...
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finished rolls

Cinnamon Raisin Pecan Rolls

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By Nor Mac
I love these rolls. I've been making them for years. So yummy with a cup ...
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Cheezy Chicken Strudel

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By Cassie *
These strudels are delicious. Hope you give them a try...
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Pate Brisee cups can be filled with just about anything you, and your guests, want... Sweet or Savory.

Pate Brisee Hors D'oeuvre Cups

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By Andy Anderson !
Pate Brisee is pronounced paht bree-ZAY. It is a French short-crust pastry dough made ...
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Tiropitakia *savory Cheese Puffs* + Phyllo Dough Tutorial

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By Didi Dalaba
This a very old passed many generations down Greek recipe. This is one of ...
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Bacon Baklava

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By Cheryl Miller
The current trend of bacon bacon bacon got me thinking. Everyone knows the salty, ...
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before and after baking

No Fail Pastry

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By Barbie Cunningham
This recipe has been handed down to me and have never seen it in any ...
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Originally Recipe from Now You're Cook'in

Easy Cheese Danish

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By Hollie Cameron
Recipe was found originally at: Now You're Cook'in
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