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German Chocolate Sheet Cake (from The 1950's)

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By Elaine Bovender
I found this recipe posted on Youtube by a very sweet lady. After I ...
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caramelized pecans

Caramelized Pecans

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By Rhonda E!
Pecans are my favorite and especially when they are caramelized. This recipe is so ...
this is the nut mixture right out of the refrigerator it will loosen up after a while as you can see it had only been out for one minute and the small end is already getting soft

Nut Butters

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By JM Avallone
I went to the store to buy some almond butter and was shocked at the ...
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~ Breakfast In A Cookie ~ Oats, Fruit & Nut

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By Cassie *
Awesome, chewy fruit and nut filled cookies. Perfect for on the go breakfast! A great ...
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Drunken Blueberry Peach Cheesecake Tart

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By Andy Anderson !
Blueberries, Peaches, Cheesecake on a Nut Crust, and Bourbon... What could go wrong with that ...
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Buttery Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake

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By Elaine Bovender
I was looking for something to take to a church breakfast and ran across this ...
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Intoxicating Dark Chocolate Truffles

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By C P
These Dark Chocolate Truffles are rich and creamy with the aftertaste of cherry. I gave ...
Sexy granola dessert! Not only is it delicious, it's healthy and you can eat as much as you want!

Berry Nutty Granola

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By Janet Scott
I have read so many different recipes and wasn't happy with what they thought healthy ...

Carolina Panthers Choco Chip & Pecan Cookies

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By Sherri Williams
I made these cookies for my favorite football player Cam Newton the quarterback for the ...
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Strueseled buns stuffed with dried fruit, nuts and buttery sugar.

Stuffed Morning Buns

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By Linda Mericle
This is a wonderful little pastry of folded over sweet dough filled with nuts and ...

Marie's Glazed Nuts

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By Melissa Snow
This recipe comes from a long-time family friend who is a wonderful cook. These ...

~ Microwave Party Mix ~

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By Cassie *
There are many recipes for this wonderful snack, so I'll just add another. LOL! Been ...
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70 Perfect Custom Chocolate Candies In 20 Minutes

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By Family Favorites
Baking Christmas cookies can be really time consuming. When you want an impressive treat, but ...
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~ Pineapple Nut Cookies ~

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By Cassie *
Another favorite that we made every Christmas. They freeze well too. A simple confectioners' glaze ...
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Mardi Gras Gorilla Bread

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By Jeanne Benavidez
Here is another idea for a Mardi Gras quick and easy dessert. Again, since I ...
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~ Honey Nut Acorn Squash ~

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By Cassie *
I made these beautiful squash as one of my sides for Thanksgiving and were and ...

~ Luscious Cranberry Cobbler ~ Cassies

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By Cassie *
I created this recipe for our Church Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to take something different ...

Ramen Noodle Strawberry Walnut Salad

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By Happy Cook
Created for the May meeting of Curious Cusiners by Morag Weir.

~ Donna's Frosty Soft Molasses Ginger Cookies ~

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By Cassie *
A wonderful frosted soft molasses ginger cookie. Add these to your Holiday cookie trays, ...

~ Scrumptious Pineapple Banana Nut Bread ~

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By Cassie *
One of the best breads you will ever sink your teeth into. When I take ...
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~ Moist Honey Nut Banana Muffins ~

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By Cassie *
When I have over ripe bananas, I always make muffins or bread. This time its ...
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Spicy Cocoa-glazed Pecans

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By Susan Feliciano
I've bought pecans glazed in various flavors in the past. Now I know how to ...
Toasty nuts and coconut surrounded by sweet oats makes the perfect meal and desert topping. Of course, grabbing a delicious handful as a snack is also recommended.

Coconut Pecan Granola

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By Lisa Amador
This recipe is so easy. One bowl and a spoon. With it's candied pecans and ...

~ Grandma's Nutty Caramels ~

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By Cassie *
A wonderful memory from my childhood. My Grandma would only make these caramels at Christmas ...