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Notice the texture.

Bowden Guacamole

Mrs. Bowden avatar
By Mrs. Bowden
Love, love, love guacamole! ...Fresh guacamole that is. So much of the basic fundamentals of ...
before and after baking

No Fail Pastry

Barbie Cunningham avatar
By Barbie Cunningham
This recipe has been handed down to me and have never seen it in any ...
(1 rating)

No Bake - Pecan Coconut Praline Cookies

Sheila M avatar
By Sheila M
This is a new one for me as far as "no bake cookies" go. ...
(2 ratings)

Philly Steak Subs

Lisa Gaston avatar
By Lisa Gaston
These are quick and easy especially on a week night, my family loves them!
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You Got Choclate In My Peanut Butter Bars

David Dowdle avatar
By David Dowdle
i got this recipe from a friend, who after giving it to me, tweaked it ...
(2 ratings)
yummy snack

Pickled Eggs The Cheating Way!

Trish Morris avatar
By Trish Morris
For those of you who like pickled eggs but don't want to make them
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Colorful and delicious

Spicy Sausage Pasta

Patricia Hanson avatar
By Patricia Hanson
I use Butterball Turkey smoked sausage, and to save time, you could use frozen onions. ...
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Dirt Cake No Bake

Karen Wilsey avatar
By Karen Wilsey
found this in one of my mother's cookbook
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Impossible Magic Blender Coconut Pie

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
Here is another recipe,from the past. A Bakers Angel Flake Coconut Recipe. Maybe the middle 70's. I ...
(2 ratings)
mmmm my sweet tooth is wanting

Nanaimo Bars

Trish Morris avatar
By Trish Morris
This sweet treat is always welcomed in and around British Columbia and beyond. Nanaimo is ...
(1 rating)
OMGosh this was not only the easiest dessert ever, it was absolutely awesome and did I mention PERFECT for our Easter Dessert!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this dessert.  It will be a regular in our house!!

Pound Cake Fruit Mold (3 Ingredients) - Video

Didi Dalaba avatar
By Didi Dalaba
I have been making this recipe for over 25 years. It's one of the easiest ...
(4 ratings)
Chewy No Bake Granola Bars!

Cindi's Chewey Granola Bars

Sandy Pyles avatar
By Sandy Pyles
I created this mouth watering chewy NO BAKE bar recipe for my Darling daughter, ...
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Easy Fudge Frosting

Lynette Gibbons avatar
By Lynette Gibbons
Whips up quickly, with a great consistency.
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Nanaimo Bars

Rebekah Mosshart avatar
By Rebekah Mosshart
Sinfully delicious!
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Tender & Juicy KFC copycat

Taste Like Kfc Chicken Flour Mix!!

Linda L avatar
By Linda L
This is a Ron Douglas copycat recipe. He says you cant tell the difference, and ...
(1 rating)
Easy healthy quick bread!

Chocolate Chip Quick Bread

Lisa Foote avatar
By Lisa Foote
This is a super NO EGG recipe for a loaf bread. The banana serves as ...
(2 ratings)

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream - No Machine

Vicki H avatar
By Vicki H
SO EASY!! I just happen to see this recipe on a can of Sweetened ...
(2 ratings)
I have found if you bake this on a foil covered cookie sheet it will not cook over......if you don't it will! No science, just the kitchen gremlins messing with me.

Mac N Cheese, Without Milk

Joey Wolf avatar
By Joey Wolf
I was so hungry for Mom's "real" mac n cheese, you know with the old ...
(1 rating)
Just delicious...

Marshmallow Christmas Squares - No Bake

Didi Dalaba avatar
By Didi Dalaba
Oh my heaven's is all I am going to say!! Kids and adults alike will ...
(5 ratings)

Beeried Treasure Pie ..(no-cook)

Nancy J. Patrykus avatar
By Nancy J. Patrykus
This is a very fast and easy, no cook pie... ready in 2 hours chilling time! I ...
(2 ratings)
My Holiday Date Fudge is healthy & delicious... what more could you ask for?!

Holiday Date Fudge

K G avatar
By K G
Don't be afraid to try my fudge recipe. It tastes like traditional fudge. Have ...
(2 ratings)
found on internet -- very similar

Pumpkin Pie 1932

Marcia McCance avatar
By Marcia McCance
From my mother's notebook. I noticed that this pie is not baked -- only the ...
(2 ratings)

No Added Sugar Mince Pies

Ezcooking Online avatar
By Ezcooking Online
I make this recipe every year and its the only one I actually enjoy. The ...
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