#loaf Recipes

Finnish sourdough archipelago bread

Finnish Archipelago Bread (Sourdough)

This recipe is also known as Nauvo bread though I've made a sourdough version of ...

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Did you know: a cluster of bananas is called a hand? A hand consists of ...

Banana Coconut Sweet Bread

Why not add stuff to my sweet Banana Bread Recipe? Coconut? Sure! I think it ...

Homemade King Hawaiian Rolls Or Loaf

These are so good. I got this recipe from my step daughter!

Two loaves of Buttermilk Honey Bread.

Buttermilk Honey Bread

This is the best loaf bread I have ever made; it goes great with everything. ...

Slices of Cranberry Banana Tea Loaf alongside a cup of tea.

Cranberry Banana Tea Loaf

This recipe has been a big favorite at my house. For many Christmases, we've made ...


This is a simple SUPER TASTY Meatloaf but made to stand up to a Coal ...

Wheat French Bread

This is a delicious whole wheat version of the better homes and gardens recipe for ...

Pepper-jack Meatloaf

I had some leftover Pepper-Jack cheese from a picnic which we didn't use. My family ...

~ Best Ham Loaf ~ Mustard Glaze

Hubbies request for his lunches this week! A Pennsylvania favorite! I'm always experimenting with my ...

~ My Glazed Ham Loaf W/ Pineapple ~

There's never been a ham loaf recipe I didn't like. Whether it be my moms, ...


CHALLAH BREAD (Braided Egg Bread)

Buttery and eggy, this is a basic challah recipe which is very similar to brioche. ...

Chopped Tomato Salad Crostini

An easy and delicious appetizer for any occasion!

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread

My mom used to make this loaf quite a bit.

Photo By: pillsbury.com

Moist & Marbled Pumpkin Spice Bread

I am a huge fan of quick breads. I always have a few loaves in ...

Lemon / Coconut Loaf Cake

Yum! That's the exact word coming from my sons mouth after his first bite...it's delish! Enjoy!

Banana Apple Loaf

The center is filled with warm, delicious fruit and topped with a light cinnamon drizzle. ...

photo credit: Heather Quintal via photopin cc

Black Plantation Gingerbread--Low Sugar

This is a personal favorite of mine that I made during Christmas. This bread turns ...

Moist Pecan Almond Loaf Cake

Moist Pecan Almond Loaf Cake

After spending many years searching for a good 'pound' cake that wasn't dry, or flavourless, ...

Apple Cinnamon Loaf

There is just one word to describe this apple cinnamon loaf, and it's delicious!

Moist Caramel Banana Loaf Cake

Moist Caramel Banana Loaf Cake

Are you looking for a cake packed with flavour? Or how about a moist cake, ...

Moist Coffee Loaf Cake

Moist Coffee Loaf Cake

After spending many years searching for a good 'pound' cake that wasn't dry, or flavourless, ...

Moist Lemon or Orange Loaf Cake

Moist Lemon or Orange Loaf Cake

Here's a delicious moist loaf cake which will give you perfect results every time. Choose ...

Moist Coconut Loaf

Moist Coconut Loaf Cake

A delicious moist loaf cake bursting with coconut both inside and out!