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Shrimp Udon

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By Amy H.
This is what I had in the house so I made a recipe out of ...

Sesame Soba

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By Amy H.
You can add grilled chicken, baked tofu, shrimp, etc. to make into a main dish. ...
Chicken Katsu and Cucumber Salad

Chicken Katsu With Tonkatsu Sauce And Sunomono

Sara Andrea avatar
By Sara Andrea
My family LOVES Japanese cuisine. This is Japanese fried chicken, easy to make at ...

Japanese Ginger Dipping Sauce

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By Patrick Johnson
This is a classic take on the typical Japanese steak house ginger sauce used for ...
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Wonton Dipping Sauce (sashimi)

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By Rhonda E!
I am very picky when it comes to soy sauce because it can be so ...
Your finished cookies

Matcha And Ginger Sugar Cookies

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By Joshua McGee
This twist on a traditional sugar cookie melds the richness of matcha green tea with ...


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By Melody U.
Sushi can be a very low calorie healthy meal. Using 126 gm of cooked ...
Quick & tasty

Japanese Chicken Wings

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By Joyce Cole
Made this twice in one week for my family & they love it!
Best Sushi Hand Rolls

Best Sushi Hand Rolls

Jane Kaylie avatar
By Jane Kaylie
Do you know what makes these Best Sushi Hand Rolls so special. Check out its ...
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Midori Splice

Midori Splice

Vickie Parks avatar
By Vickie Parks
I couldn't resist this one, with coconut rum, melon liqueur and fresh pineapple juice. ...

Japanese Marinade

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By Lynn Clay
This is a universal marinade used in Japanese cooking. Used fresh it’s great for marinating ...
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Japanese Mayonnaise

Vicki Butts (lazyme) avatar
By Vicki Butts (lazyme)
This recipe is meant to be a clone for the Kewpie brand Japanese mayonnaise. As ...
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Ginger Miso Paste

Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz avatar
By Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz
Miso paste is used extensively in Japanese cooking. This one if flavored with fresh ...
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Raspberry Sake

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By Kathy D
The perfect cocktail before enjoying a Japanese meal (or really anytime). A Sandra Lee recipe.
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Japanese Cherry Pie

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By Teresa G.
Spring is near and soon the beautiful Japanese cherry trees will be blooming in our ...
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66 Japanese Curry Omelette Rice

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By Nancy Chung
Perfect for lunch or dinner!
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Ume Misoyaki Butterfish

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By Toni Mendenhall
very tasty not a fishy taste.
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Soft and tasty mochi!

Tropical Mochi Dessert

Julie Madawi avatar
By Julie Madawi
Another "Ono Kine Recipes" from Facebook. This soft, pillowy dessert is irrisistible! Another ...
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Japanese Ginger Salad Dressing

Patrick Johnson avatar
By Patrick Johnson
This is a mockup of that sweet and tangy salad dressing that you find at ...
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melt in your mouth Japanese cheesecake... yummm

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Maria Pasicolan avatar
By Maria Pasicolan
this is a recipe taught to me by my Japanese girlfriend's grandma. She knew i ...
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Baby Soup

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By Maggie May Schill
I know sounds a little morbid. I always called this simple clear soup "baby soup" ...
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The yummy finished product!

Ginger Chicken Stir Fry

Careema Bell avatar
By Careema Bell
I love Asian food especially stir fry. My husband and I are continuously disappointed by ...
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Japanese Chicken Slow Cooker Version

Deb Crane avatar
By Deb Crane
Japanese Chicken in a delectable sauce to serve over rice. I played with a few ...
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