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A plate of Milwaukee Potato Pancakes (Latkes).

Milwaukee Potato Pancakes (latkes)

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By Dianne Ward
I was born in Milwaukee and my mother was of German/Czech heritage so my fondest ...
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A generational recipe, we have been making since my grandma's days and still do.  I l love serving this with Bread and Butter.  I make it with different kinds of meat, this one is made with Oryx hunted here in the state of NM.

Jodie's Slumgullion Stew

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By JoSele Swopes
This is go to dinner for leftovers and just because on a night you want ...
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Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake

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By Sheila Nakata
This recipe was given to me from a great southern cook 30 years ago. What ...
Comforting Heirloom Minestrone in a bowl.

Heirloom Minestrone Soup

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By Patricia Hanson
This is a wonderful soup recipe. I have been making this for 40 years and ...
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Vintage Creamy Rich Rice Pudding (pressure Cooker)

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By Family Favorites
When I was a child and not feeling well, my mom and grandma always brought ...
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My grandmother used to make goulash without sour cream, so...I didn't use it, either.

Muz's Pressure Cooker Goulash

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By Diana Perry
This is another recipe from my Grandmother's files. I've updated with instructions using one ...
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Just A Pinch & A Dash Of Love (a Letter)

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By Teresa G.
I took a short road trip along the annual Hwy 68/80 "400 mile yard sale" ...

~ Grams Comforting Rice Custard ~

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By Cassie *
This is one of my favorite custards my gram made when I was a child. ...
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Caramel Frosting

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By Patricia J.
We love this frosting. It's been through 5 generations in our family. If ...

Autumn Surprise Cake

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By Patricia J.
Mom got this recipe from a friend in the mid 1950's. We grew up ...

Farm House Fried Ham

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By Patricia J.
When my mother was a young married woman, an older country lady told her how ...

Tasty Tender Pork Chops

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By Patricia J.
We love these pork chops. It's difficult at times to get pork chops done ...

~ Caramel Pie ~ Aunt Louises

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By Cassie *
My husbands Aunt shared this recipe with me years ago. My husband loves it about ...
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A simple, delicious, inexpensive soup.

Grandma Olney's Soup

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By Joan Olney
My Great-Grandmother, Mary Olney, had a very large family and needed to feed them on ...
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Fig Preserves/jam

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By Susan Din
I have a prolific 20yr old fig tree in my back yard, and I make ...

Almond Joy Layer Cake

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By Tammy Raynes
This is a favorite recipe of mine given to me by my Aunt Dot. Since ...

My Mama's Cathead Biscuits With Tomato-bacon Gravy

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By Tammy Raynes
Okay as promised. Here is my Mama's recipe for Cathead Biscuits and Tomato-Bacon Gravy. She ...

My Mama's German Chocolate Cake

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By Tammy Raynes
This is another one of my Mama's recipes. She got this recipe from the package ...
From Lily: This is my grandmother's pot la gelle recipe.  We made it for shabbat dinner tonight.
From Instagram: Grandma's pot la gelle #recipe. #eggplant #dip

Grandma's Pot Le Gel

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By Lily Moritz
My Grandma was notorious for her home cooked family favorites. There was never a ...

Blackberry Cobbler /blueberries Too

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By Cassie *
This recipe is similar to the way I remember my Gram making hers...she never added ...
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Old Fashioned Southern Pound Cake

Old Fashioned Bourbon Pecan Cake

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By Donna Thiemann
This is the kind of cake my mother or grandmother kept in a tin and ...

Plum Cobbler,an Heirloom 40s Recipe-so-easy!

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By Nancy J. Patrykus
My friend dropped off some plums from the garden market. This is just what I was ...
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Heirloom Measurements From Grandma

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By Marcia McCance
Thanks to the helpfulness of JoeyJoan K. here on JAP I now have a resource ...
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1700-scottish Oat Cakes(my Holiday Version 2012)

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By Nancy J. Patrykus
I submitted this wonderful little traditional Scottish recipe to another recipe site, back in 2001. Digging ...
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