Soup Recipes

Art's Goulash Recipe

Art's Goulash

By Teri Farmer
My stepdad made this on cold winter nights. It feeds alot of people and warms...

Ashton's Alphabet Chili ! Recipe

Ashton's Alphabet Chili !

By Colleen Sowa
When you have kids helping in the kitchen.... you come up with some AMAZING IDEAS!!! My 4...

Asian Dumpling Soup With Rice Noodles Recipe


By Susan Din
This quick and tasty asian inspired soup is full of mushrooms, baby spinach, dumplings and rice...

Asian Noodle Bowl Recipe

Asian Noodle Bowl

By barbara lentz
This broth is so light and tasty. This reminds me of comfort food. Even in the...

Asian Potsticker Soup Recipe

Asian Potsticker Soup

By Linda Dalton
I'm loving the Tai Pei Potstickers I found in the frozen food department of my grocery...