Cream Soup Recipes

Cream Of Chicken Soup Recipe

Cream of Chicken Soup

By Eleni B
I came across this recipe in high school and I enjoyed it a lot! Hopefully you...

Chicken And Black Pepper Dumplings Recipe

Chicken and Black Pepper Dumplings

By Patty Ward
Here I am being obsessive about black pepper... again! :D This a quick, easy, delicious recipe...

Fusion Chicken Corn Chowder Recipe

Fusion Chicken Corn Chowder

By Sherry Peyton
East meets West, North meets South, and marry together in one amazing taste sensation. Or at...

Better Than Store Bought Chicken Stock Recipe

Better than "store bought" Chicken Stock

By Genny Bortner
I got so tired of buying chicken stock loaded with sodium and unknown ingredients. After making...

Chicken N' Dumplins Recipe

Chicken n' Dumplins

By MarthaRayDeen -
I know it's not spelled right, but when it tastes this southern, you gotta say it...

Creamy Kielbasa And Potato Soup Recipe

Creamy Kielbasa and Potato soup

By Desiree Stone
An original recipe created by the inspiration of food networks Chopped: season one. Using one of...