Seafood Chowder Soup Recipes

Manhattan Clam Chowder

By Marsha Gardner
My father-in-law preferred a tomato based clam chowder over the traditional cream based chowder. I...

Holiday Jambalaya

By connie deedrick
I found this recipe in my mom's old recipe box. I made it yesterday, and...

Simple but DEElish Clam Chowder

By Sheila Beck-Jones
This recipe comes from a restaurant in Misssouri. I cooked it for my family and...

Clam Chowder ( Crock Pot)

By Cassie *
Let the slow cooker tend to the cooking of this delicious chowder.

Zelda's Oyster - Corn Chowder

By Zelda Hopkins
This Recipe is one my mother used to make but I have adjusted it to my...

My Clam Chowder

By Nancy Allen
Made my clam chowder for Christmas Eve along with some warm bread and a salad.

Crawfish Chowder

By John Myers
Part of my family is from West virginia, so I try to come up with recipes...

New England Crab Chowder w/ Nutmeg Croutons

By Nancy Allen
This is one good delectable seafood stew very comforting and the fragrant buttery nutmeg triangle toasts...

Fisherman's Stew

By Anna Wallace
I skipped the capers, added bay scallops and used jumbo shrimp cut in bite sized pieces...

Pressure Cooker Manhattan Clam Chowder

By Dawn Whitted
My family loves clam chowder so I make it when the weather gets colder. It is...

Tuna Tortellini Soup

By Nancy Allen
This soup is creamy and filling and cheesy. So good on a cold day.

Grampops Clam Chowder

By Linda Kauppinen
Growing up on the Jersey Shore, years ago, we had a summer place across from Sandy...

Salmon Chowder

By Diane Atherton
This is a surprisingly light and very tasty soup. Hope you enjoy! Adapted from a recipe found on...

Crawfish Soup

By Joyce Lowery
A girl at work at Monroe Surgical Hospital gave me this recipe. You can also...

Nova Scotia Lobster Chowder

By Nicole P.
Nova Scotia is one of Canada's three Maritime provinces. Nova Scotia holds a lot of historical...

Brattens Famous Clam Chowder

By Jean Romero
There was this Seafood restaurant in SLC, that had the best clam chowder and my mom...

She-Crab Soup

By Donna Burgoon
Perfect for chilly days. Rich, creamy and so very good! I serve mine with oyster...

Shrimp Bisque

By Hanan Hussein
I first tasted this bisque in an Italian restaurant and we liked it a lot. My...

Buttermilk Clam ‘N Corn Chowder

By J. White Harris
I have a recipe for Buttermilk Corn Chowder that I make often. Someone told me that...

Spring Hill Ranch's Clam Chowder

By Wiley P
When you live out in the very rural mountains of New Mexico, you don't just run...

Cheesy Clam Chowder

By Carol Davis
I found this last year, and of course I modified it to make it my own....

Fireman Bob's Seafood Chowder my way...

By Bob Cooney
Being from back East, I have loved seafood ever since I was young. Everybody has their...

Better for you Seafood Chowder

By Lori Lumley
Every time we have crab I save the shells and make stock, which can be used...

Conch Chowder

By Daune (pronounced "Dawn") Browne
I got this recipe when I was in Bermuda. It was good--different than any chowders...
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