Eastern European Recipes

One Bowl Apple Cake Recipe

One Bowl Apple Cake

By Lana Bonnell
Easy recipe and great way to use extra appples
Baba's Apple Strudel W/opt Fruits Recipe

Baba's Apple Strudel w/opt fruits

By Anita Schatz
This recipe was handed down from my Czech Grandmother and my Mother. I've been making this...
Baba's Hot Milk Sponge Cake Recipe

Baba's Hot Milk Sponge Cake

By Anita Schatz
This was my Mother-in-law's recipe and I just jazzed it up a bit. If you...
Cherry Kuchen Recipe

Cherry Kuchen

By Joyce Kutin
It is like eating a large kolache.
Ammonia Cookies Recipe

Ammonia Cookies

By Kimi Gaines
Tina's Swedish Meatballs Recipe

Tina's Swedish Meatballs

By Marina Neff
A friend of ours would bring these meatballs to a lot of pot luck get togethers...
K-strudel Recipe


By Pam Steadman
I got this recipe from my Grandma Tillie. This is a recipe that has been handed...
Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

By Marilyn Bowser
These are my answer to a husband who will not eat vegetables. They are light flavorful...
Czech Potato Dumplings Recipe

Czech Potato Dumplings

By Sheila Kremer
This is my grandma's recipe for potato dumplings that my dad and his eight brothers and...
Belgian Cake Recipe

Belgian Cake

By Ruby Richards
These are heavy, moist, and yummy with a cup of coffee!! My mother, and her mother...
Old Time Wisconsin Booyah ! Recipe

Old Time Wisconsin Booyah !

By Colleen Sowa
There are many versions of this wonderful recipe, people actually argue over what ingredients should or...
Keeflees Recipe


By Kathy McCoy
My Boyfriends Mom made these every Christmas for the family, now I'm making them for the...
Jewish Apple Cake Recipe

Jewish Apple Cake

By Anita Schatz
This cake is moist, but let it sit, covered for a couple of days before serving...
Chicken Kiev With Russian  Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Chicken Kiev with Russian Mushroom Sauce

By Pat Duran
This tasty chicken dish is sure to please. Mushroom Sauce is great, recipe given to me...
Bohemian Raised Dumplings Recipe

Bohemian Raised Dumplings

By Kimber Flory
I ate these as a child and thought that all dumplings were raised like a yeast...
Sausage Kolaches Recipe

Sausage Kolaches

By Leslie Standerfer
These are a bit time-consuming, but they are the BEST kolaches I've ever eaten. The...
Kugelis Recipe


By Jamie Burris
My great-grandparents immigrated from Lithuania in the early 20th century and brought with them this potato...
Grandma's Cherry Bread Recipe

Grandma's Cherry Bread

By Pat Duran
This sweet bread ; more like a cake recipe will dazzle your family with the wonderful...
Tsoureki -easter Bread Recipe

Tsoureki -Easter Bread

By Pat Duran
This recipe and photo is from "Country Living" magazine. This ia a rich brioche- moist...
Thanksgiving Apple-orange Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Thanksgiving Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce

By Mary Young
This has been a family favourite for years! We not only make it for Thanksgiving, but...
Kale Chips Recipe

Kale Chips

By Mary Young
These are absolutely delicious and are perfect for those times when you crave potato chips. Helps...
Eastern European Skillet Recipe

Eastern European Skillet

By Shelley Young
This is a one skillet dish that my whole family loves! It's great to serve with...
Kolache - Czech Pastry Recipe

Kolache - Czech Pastry

By Sheila Kremer
These are the pastries that are made by the hundreds for the annual Tabor Czech Days...