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Fair Food Recipes

Funnel cakes and hot dogs anyone? Enjoy the fairest of all fair food at home with these yumtastic recipes from counties the country over!

Canadian Poutine ~ My Way

Amy H. avatar
By Amy H.
I love French fries dipped in just about any kind of gravy! Traditional Poutine uses ...
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Funnel Cake Sundae

Tiphane Fleming avatar
By Tiphane Fleming
I had something similar to this at an ice cream parlor and wanted to make ...
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From Instagram: Hot chocolate and homemade finger churros

Churro Fingers

Monika Rosales avatar
By Monika Rosales
Perfect little dessert to dip in hot chocolate.

Homemade Corn Dogs

Diane Atherton avatar
By Diane Atherton
One of my favorite foods at a state fair is corn dogs. Today I ...
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Chrusciki or Faworki or Krullers. These are delicious! I picked up a box of them on Sat. in Chgo and this is the last one left.

Polish Chrusciki Or Krullers

Denise Nalepa-Hucke avatar
By Denise Nalepa-Hucke
Mom and Granny would spend a day making these delicious deep fried pastries. We ...

Cassie's Taco Dog

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
I started this delicious dog with a homemade Taco can add your favorite condiments...I'm ...
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Perfect Crunchy Deep Fried Pickles

Anthony Nicometi Jr avatar
By Anthony Nicometi Jr
It's taken me WAY too long to replicate a good crispy, crunchy fried pickle recipe! ...
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My Apple Fritters

Sea Sun avatar
By Sea Sun
Here is my version of apple fritters with cinnamon and nutmeg inside. I had a ...
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Apple Butter Pie Sticks

Teresa Jacobson avatar
By Teresa Jacobson
These are so easy to make and so scrumptious, I foresee a problem with my ...
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From Instagram: CCB

(ccb) Chocolate Covered Bacon

Areatha Daniels avatar
By Areatha Daniels
I watching TV, and there's this kid talking about loving CCB. I mentioned it ...
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Bbq Popcorn

Nancy Allen avatar
By Nancy Allen
Great tasting snack when watching T.V.
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Homemade Soft Pretzels

Tim Russell avatar
By Tim Russell
These homemade pretzels are soft and Better than Auntie Ann's.
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Deep Fry Cheesecake Bites

Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal avatar
By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
I deep fry candy bars and ice cream, why not cheesecake? This is an easy ...
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Crazy Corn! (cheesy Caramel Popcorn)

Melissa Turner avatar
By Melissa Turner
This is delicious! Was afraid to try it for the first time. No way did ...
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Cheese And Pig Sticks

Lynn Socko avatar
By Lynn Socko
The bacon made me do it!! These would be great for any occasion, but ...
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Cheese Balls - Yum!

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
These are a quick and delicious appetizer that are always served on Superbowl..they are so ...
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Crispy and oh so crunchy, these little bites are flavorful and fun!

Crazy Crispy Corn Puppies

Cheryl Lundquist avatar
By Cheryl Lundquist
If you like crunchy and crispy, then you are going to love this recipe. Cocktail ...
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Deep Fried Oreos

Brina M avatar
By Brina M
I make these all the time as desserts. Double stuffed are my favorite to use.
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These are a perfect pairing with burgers and macoroni salad :)

Hot & Spicy Fried Pickles

Megan Conner avatar
By Megan Conner
I felt the need to make these deep fried pickles simply because these are my ...
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Soft and Cheesy Pretzels

Cheesy Soft Pretzels

Roberta Lopez avatar
By Roberta Lopez
These pretzels are delicious, with a light crunch on the outside and soft on the ...
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All American Chili Cheese Burger Dog

Lynn Socko avatar
By Lynn Socko
Who doesn't love hot dogs and hamburgers? I love them both, but I can never ...
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Mexican Churros

Karina Alcala avatar
By Karina Alcala
So my family loves sweets especially anything that involves frying. I really don't remember ...
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mmm mmm

Homemade Fiddle Faddle (toffee Popcorn)

Bobbie Hewitt avatar
By Bobbie Hewitt
I love this waay more than the traditional caramel popcorn. It's easy enough to make ...
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Chocolate Covered Popcorn

Erin Mascroft avatar
By Erin Mascroft
A quick and easy "go-to" for a sweet treat or last minute holiday (or anytime) ...
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