Seafood Appetizer Recipes

Chipotle Mango Jelly

By Lisa Mersereau
Not your typical wussy jelly, this one is spicy sweet with a smoky kick. Jelly all...

Ceviche Salad

By Stephanie Mabry
I had this dish several years ago at a restaurant that we visited on our way...

Crab Ragoons

By Rlpddf Flsddf
I love crab ragoons and have to get them when we go out to eat. This...

Crab Rangoon

By Thea Pappalardo
I made this last night and it came out really good. We thought the filling...

Crab Wonton Cups

By Kimberly Biegacki
If you love crabmeat and cheese this appetizer is just for you. It is super easy...

shrimp and pork eggrolls

By Sandy Mika
these are a little different then what most people are use to, but they are very...

Shrimp Dip

By Joyce Lowery
I took several dip recipes and took the things that I liked from each of them....

Crab Rangoon Dip

By Gayle Hempy
Found this at Just Us Chicks Losing

Shrimp Wontons

By Elizabeth Seal
Reposted from Salpy's International Kitchen ...

Crab Melts

By Pat Duran
This is the best tasting open fased crab melts ever..Can cut smaller for appetizers and top...

My Maryland Shrimp Salad

By Dee Tourville
Being raised in Maryland my parents always used old bay seasoning on crabs & why...

Crab Rangoon Dip

By Gayle Hempy
Found this on "at Home with Susan"; don't know where she got the recipe. Just...

Cassies Szechuan Shrimp

By Cassie *
Hungry for shrimp?...this recipe is so tasty, easy, spicy and best of all...the recipe uses already...

Crispy Shrimp Balls

By Pat Duran
Once you try these crispy shrimp balls -you will make them your go to holiday appetizer....

Baked Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

By Donna Graffagnino
I've ordered these "Shrimp-scargot" several times at a New Orleans restaurant (they were named differently) and...

Mini Crawfish (or Shrimp) Pies

By Donna Graffagnino
I am "required" to make and bring these to parties and family gatherings. When I can't...

Beer Batter Shrimp Fritters

By Donna Graffagnino
Oh, how amazing this tastes. Fritters are made out of just about anything so why not...

Baked Crab Rangoon

By patricia taylor
We like to snack on these. They are quick and easy to make.


By Eddie Jordan
This is one of the best ways to fix shrimp. This recipe is just enough for...

Spicy Marinated Shrimp

By Tammy Raynes
ALLERGY NOTICE: If you're allergic to shellfish like me, don't forget to use your gloves when...

Salt and Pepper Shrimp, Iris

By iris mccall
Love, these at Hoe Toy Chop Suey in Chicago, this comes pretty close to their version,...

Shrimp Tartlets

By Shirley Murtagh
A recipe given to me from a friend and neighbor many years ago. Another oldy but...

Egg Rolls

By Amy H.
This is one of my daughter's favorite dishes. I don't make them very often because they...
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