Salad Recipes to Get You Dishing


Maggie's Everything Slaw Recipe

Maggie's Everything Slaw

By Callie Godwin

Had everything to make cole slaw plus a lot of home grown veggies. So I made...

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Grandma Richter's Lettuce Salad Recipe

Grandma Richter's Lettuce Salad

By Domestic Goddess

This is my son-in-laws favorite salad, which was prepared by his grandmother on many holiday occasions....

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Fresh Tomato Napoleon Recipe

Fresh Tomato Napoleon

By Karl Strasser

This is a great salad, It go's with everything. You can use any cheese you like....

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Apple Harvest Crunchy Crisp Salad Recipe

Apple Harvest Crunchy Crisp Salad


only 6 ingredients,This has been a family favorite at Family get togethers as long as I...

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Corn salad Recipe

Corn salad

By Lynn Socko

This is also for the Mystery Box challenge this week 8/29. This was so good I...

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Red Summer Salad Recipe

Red Summer Salad

By Sara Bonham

This is an amazing gluten free/vegan recipe. I live with a couple people who are gluten...

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