Method Roast Recipes

Olive Garden's Chicken Involtini Recipe

Olive Garden's Chicken Involtini

By Jody Wood
This i got from Olive Garden's website. I love Italian food. There's just something about sun...

Poor Tired Man Chicken Recipe

Poor tired man chicken

By 'Ria Murphy
An older Mid-Louisianan woman taught me this recipe, she said it was her "poor, tired, husband's...

Pork Roulade Recipe

Pork Roulade

By Aurora McBee
Easy, tasty, and gorgeous! I learned this recipe from a chef I worked with years...

Onion Roasted Potatoes Recipe

Onion Roasted Potatoes

By Susan Feliciano
Easy, made with Lipton onion soup mix. Another of my mother's recipes. I think she loved...

Roasted Salsa Verde Recipe

Roasted Salsa Verde

By Brian Blackley
This is something I've been making for a number of years. Most recommend it as a...

Shell Lickin' Spicy Garlic Crabs Recipe

Shell Lickin' Spicy Garlic Crabs

By Sherri Williams
There is almost nothing better than spicy garlic crabs. I've used dungenous crab legs, blue crabs,...