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Maple Sweet Potato Pie

Jennifer J avatar
By Jennifer J
A fellow member asked me if I have a recipe for sweet potato pie, so ...

Roasted Sweet Potato Pie

Jolayne Cooper avatar
By Jolayne Cooper
Sweet Potato Pie is one of my husband's favorite pies. I found this recipe ...
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Old Fashioned Sweet-potato Pudding

Sharon Colyer avatar
By Sharon Colyer
Another index card recipe, from the closet stash. This sounds a little like (Native) Indian ...
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Berry-mallow Yam Bake

Tam D avatar
By Tam D
This is a wonderful update to a Thanksgiving tradition, and a family favorite. We like ...

Ez Pz Candy Potatoes

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
Candy is just what they taste like... Sweet, delicious and best of all, easy to ...
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114 Candied Sweet Potatoes

Nancy Chung avatar
By Nancy Chung
Traditional side dish for Thanksgiving!

Sweet N Sassy Sweet Potatoes

Cassie * avatar
By Cassie *
My sister shared her recipe with me...I'm not much of a sweet potato person, but ...
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Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

Roasted Root Vegetable Medley

Carol White avatar
By Carol White
Cooking smart for a healthy heart is what it’s all about. Your family will love ...

Sweet Potato Soup With Creamed Spinach

Catherine Cappiello Pappas avatar
By Catherine Cappiello Pappas
This is a delicious and comforting dish for the fall and winter.
Roasted Potato Medley

Roasted Potato Medley

Ellen Gwaltney Bales avatar
By Ellen Gwaltney Bales
For all you potato lovers, myself included, this simply has to be scrumptious! Bound to ...
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Easy baked sweet potato

Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes

Gail Welch avatar
By Gail Welch
This is a quick way to prepare baked sweet potatoes. No need to heat up ...
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Thanksgiving Leftover Pies

Kim Biegacki avatar
By Kim Biegacki
So, I kept thinking the last several days as to what I could make new ...
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Sweet Potato Casserole

Nancy Thomas avatar
By Nancy Thomas
This recipe is my ex-husbands' Aunt Nora's. I started making it myself a several ...
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Sweet Potato Cobbler

Angela Gray avatar
By Angela Gray
This lovely cobbler was torn out of a Saveur magazine years ago and has flour ...
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Bonnie's Dutch Oven Sweet Potatoes And Apples

BonniE ! avatar
By BonniE !
I created this dish one day when I was in a hurry to get dinner ...
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