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A platter of Nutella Donuts (Bombolini alla Nutella).

Nutella Donuts (Bomboloni alla Nutella)

I took a basic yeast donut dough, rolled it in sugar, filled it with Nutella, ...

Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

Chocolate Hazelnut Yule Log

Yule log (bûche de Noël) is a French Christmas dessert which is a cake roll ...

A platter of Vanilla Nutella Cupcakes.

Vanilla Nutella Cupcakes

These cupcakes are light and airy. A perfect combo of vanilla and chocolate!

A Guinness Cupcake With Nutella Cream Cheese Frosting on a plate.

Guinness Cupcakes With Nutella Cream Frosting

If you're looking for an alternative to green anything for St. Paddy's Day, I think ...

Nutella brownies with a bite taken out of a brownie.

Nutella Brownies

I LOVE Nutella spread... with a passion! These brownies are an awesome way to ...

Nutella Molten Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Nutella Molten Chocolate Cake

If you like chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate center then this is for you! ...

Nutella-Hazelnut Cookies

If you love Nutella, you are going to love these cookies. I only make them ...

Salted Nutella Sauce

This sauce was an instant hit! We wanted to try it with everything :D It's ...

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Nutella Oatmeal Cookie

PeanutButter Chocolate Chip Nutella Oatmeal Cookie

I was in the mood to make some cookies for my friends over at Sevier ...


Easy No-Bake Nutella Chocolate Mousse Pie

This recipe is fast and delicious. Try different store bought crusts for variations!

Victoria Advocate, May 14, 2014

Nutella Pie

This is a very rich pie and so a small slice is suggested. One serving ...

These are quick and fun to serve for dessert or as a snack, kids and grownup will love them

NUTELLA Rolls Frosted in Cream Cheese

These are quick and fun to serve for dessert or as a snack, kids and ...

Eggless Nutella Chocolate Cake.

Eggless Nutella Chocolate Cake

You'll love this cake, since it's very moist and chocolaty, beside being healthy and low ...

Boston Cream French Toast

This is a terrific recipe from Using a glass baking pan seems to get ...

Crunchy Nutella Energy Nuggets

These are a bit like no bake cookies. And are excellent when you get a ...

Peanut Butter Nutella Crescent Rolls

This delicious combination of flavors came about after my husband decided to have peanut butter ...

Chocolate-Banana Grahams

A graham cracker smeared with Nutella and topped with banana and coconut is a light ...

Chinese Banana Wontons

This delicious dessert recipe is made with cinnamon,nutmeg,sugar and walnuts for a wonderfully sweet flavor. ...

Banana Nutella Crepes

Banana Nutella Crepes

A delicious crepe recipe with chocolate hazelnut spread

Nutella & Sea Salt Hot Chocolate

Sometimes on a cold winter day I need something sinfully warm and delicious. This ...

Mmmm pound cake!!

Marbled Pound Cake

Ohhh mama! This pound cake can make a grown man weak in the knees! It ...

Chocolate Chip & Nutella Cookie Sandwiches

This is as amazing as it sounds. That's literally all I can say.