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Eucalyptus-menthol-peppermint Balm

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By Amy H.
This is so nice to make during cold and flu season. It's great for other ...

Dandelion Jelly

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By Amy H.
I've always wanted to try my hand at making dandelion jelly. This came out great! ...
Banana Bread in a Can sliced on a platter.

Banana Bread In A Can

Judy Drietz avatar
By Judy Drietz
My mom shared this recipe with me many years ago... and ended my search for ...
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Texas Cowboy Cake sliced.

Texas Cowboy Cake

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By Cindy Moblo
My family's history in Texas goes back to the 1850s, and this recipe has been ...
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Bagged up and ready to gift with a little left over for momma elf

Christmas Crack

Mary Hendricks avatar
By Mary Hendricks
An old southern recipe that is so easy and so yummy! Great one for kids ...
Fresh Peanut Brittle in gift tin, ready for Christmas

Fast And Easy Microwave Peanut Brittle

Patricia Ruddiman avatar
By Patricia Ruddiman
It is a must have gift to family and friends every Christmas. I am required ...

Liqueur Pound Cakes (for Gift Giving)

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By Mikekey *
This makes 4 mini loaf pan cakes. Must use cake flour, not all-purpose flour. Can ...
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Preserved carrot orange marmalade

Carrot Orange Marmalade

Sheila Nakata avatar
By Sheila Nakata
I was inspired by this jam after a visit to Montreal, Quebec. I was given ...
Chocolate Covered Strawberries on a platter.

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries

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By Kitchen Crew
Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious all year long but become very popular (and expensive) around ...
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Carolyn's Christmas Fruitcake

Elaine Bovender avatar
By Elaine Bovender
This is an old recipe that my mother-in-law has made every Christmas for many, many ...
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Chocolate Valentine Vase

Dave T. avatar
By Dave T.
Very simple gift to make for either your wife, husband, friend, special person in your ...
Pumpkin Bread

Jennifer’s Pumpkin Bread

Maureen Martin avatar
By Maureen Martin
I got this recipe from a girlfriend at work (Jennifer). It is the best ...

Hot Pepper Jelly (shirley's)

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By Teresa G.
A few weeks ago, my husband came home from our friends' place with an emerald ...

Nutty Chocolate Toffee Bark

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By Karen Feinen

Best Pecan Pie

Teresa G. avatar
By Teresa G.
Friends and neighbors always love receiving this pie! This is my favorite pecan pie recipe ...
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Crisp Green Tomato Pickles

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By Teresa G.
These sweet, crisp, flavorful pickles are a favorite around here! Even the pickiest children love ...
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A great gift and fun to make!

Homemade Irish Cream Gift

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By Lonna Weidemann
This was a huge hit this last holiday!

Real Hot Chocolate, No-powder Storable Mix

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By Betsy Wolfe
It's great to have instant Hot Chocolate made from actual chocolate and cream-not a powdered ...
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Easiest chocolate covered candy I EVER made!

Crockpot Christmas Nut Clusters

Johanna Fritz avatar
By Johanna Fritz
If you have teenagers in the house, divide this up into gift tins, freeze it ...
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From Instagram:

In A Pinch Strudel

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By Areatha Daniels
This is one of those dishes I put together out of NEED, "for something sweet" ...
From Instagram:

Oatmeal Trailmix Cookies

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By Areatha Daniels
No major stories with this one, but I just wanted something sweet to eat. ...

Mom's Mulled Cider

Tam D avatar
By Tam D
I fiddled with recipes for several years before finally settling on this combination, and it's ...
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Christmas Gift Idea (snowmen)

Nicole P. avatar
By Nicole P.
You can add anything your heart desires into the baby food jars :) All white ...
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Easy Spiced Caramel Nuts

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By Tam D
Nuts are great healthy snacks. In a decorative cello bag, these would make great ...
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