Other Soup Recipes

Polish Sausage, Cabbage & Potatoes Soup Recipe

Polish Sausage, Cabbage & Potatoes Soup

By Nancy J. Patrykus
A great recipe.. I have just adopted! This was very easy to put together. Delicious and nutritious. I added carrots...

Fresh Corn And Polish Sausage Chowder Recipe

Fresh Corn and Polish Sausage Chowder

By Nancy J. Patrykus
Another adopted recipe. MMMmmmmmmmm!! If you like good chowder.....This one tastes just like Bob Evans delicious chowder. I use...

Tomato Florentine Soup Recipe

Tomato Florentine Soup

By Steve Young
This recipe was shared with members of my home church by Margaret DeMoville, and it's one...

Tortellini & Spinach Soup Recipe

Tortellini & Spinach Soup

By Linda Knowles
Great easy, quick recipe that tastes gourmet! People are so surprised to find out how...

Award Winning Chili Recipe

Award Winning Chili

By Judi Harris-Nulle
At the last minute, I decided to enter the Montana Wild West Fest Chili Cook-off on...

Ham Bone Soup Recipe

Ham Bone Soup

By Jessica Dayon
My grandmother-Rita- makes this soup after the holidays when there is leftover ham and a leftover...

Nettle Soup Recipe

Nettle Soup

By Jo Zimny
My friend Bethan from Wales sends me recipes all the time and in this batch was...

Goulash Recipe


By Kelli Thomas
This is Paula Deen's recipe for goulash- I've never found one I like better! It makes...