For Kids American Dressing Recipes

Pasta Slaw

By Shelene Wilhelm
We came up with this recipe after eating pasta slaw at Nordy's BBQ. Neither my husband...

Mini Sliders Burgers and Special Sauce

By Brenda-Lee Barajas
These sliders are soooooo good. I never want to eat a regular burger. I have four...

Cucumber Salad Dressing

By Kimberly Biegacki
For this type of dressing you have to have a really good blender or food processor...

Homemade Fish Sticks

By Pat Duran
This recipe works well with any fish fillet, cod, sole ,white fish or tilapia. These turn...

Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

By David Brandon
This stuff is good on almost anything!From salads to chicken tenders, to a great basting sauce...

Best Ranch Dressing Ever

By Aleta Hepp
This is a wonderful recipe, very easy, and tastes better than any store bought dressing I...

Aunt Kathy's Oven Burgers

By Dawn Whitted
These burgers are simple and delicious. My guy's Aunt Kathy made these when I first...

Green Goddess Salad Dressing- Homemade

By Pat Duran
This dressing has just the right amount of tart and mellow tastes. This bright and tangy...

Pucker up BBQ sauce

By Irisa Raina 9
This is more of a vinegar based BBQ sauce “ vinegar in everything except the brown...

Vanilla Infused Simple Syrup

By Monica Mullens
This is great to use in cocktails, drinks and as a topping.

Candi's Brined & Smoked Holiday turkey

By Candi Hummer
This is going to sound like a lot of work, but it is well worth it...


By Ellen Bales
You've heard of "Newman's Own." Well, this is "Ellen's Own," and I just created it from...

Perfect Potato Salad

By Pat Duran
The perfect potato salad is tangy but not sour, creamy but not gooey.This salad has 2...

Fifth Generation Salad Dressing- A Family Secret..

By Family Favorites
This salad dressing has been in our family for decades. Ever have a salad dressing so...

Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing (easy)

By Family Favorites
Why buy bottled salad dressing when homemade can be done in minutes? Don't you hate it...

Chunky Feta Dressing (easy)

By Family Favorites
Are you tired of the same old choices in salad dressing? This is my new favorite!...

Homemade Ketchup

By Linda Kauppinen
Very good recipe for a table mainstay!! Tasty too!!

Woodward Hotel's Hot Bacon Dressing

By Family Favorites
Another recipe from the famous Woodward Hotel. Enjoy!

Honey mustard salad dressing

By Irisa Raina 9
This is one of my husband’s favorite salad dressings! Won’t he be surprised when he comes...

Knorr Classic Spinach Dip

By Carol Perricone
I have been making this dip for over 20 years, and no one ever gets tired...

Zesty Slaw

This zesty recipe puts the store bought blends to shame. All you need is a few...

Creamy Buttermilk Ranch Dressing (from scratch)

By Tamara Bonneru
A.K.A Mock Roqueford Dressing..delicious and it is in NO WAY, low fat or healthy however, one...

Etcetera Dip

By Monica H
The method is as important as the ingredients in this one! I have been trying...

Avocado-Tomato & Cucumber Salad

By Eddie Szczerba
This is a beautiful,refreshing side to any dish!
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