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Oven-Baked Potatoes with Bacon

By Mikekey *
A Welsh dish often called Miser's Feast. Serve with grilled sausages or lamb chops.

Crockpot Steel Cut Oatmeal

By Lauren Conforti
Be sure to use "Steel Cut" oats, not the Old Fashioned or Quick Cook kind. ...

Great Great Great Grandma's Rice Pudding

By Colleen Sowa
My Great Grandma Charlotte Kennedy's recipe, given to her daughter Mabel Kennedy Sullivan, and given to...

Bara Brith

By Laurie Sanders
This unusual quick bread is a staple in Wales. It is dense, moist and especially...

Christmas Trifle with gingerbread and brownies

By bj wilson
So easy to bake. Everyone will think you spent hours on it !!

Carol's Christmas Cherry Pound Cake

By Carol Donald
My family love this cake and I usually have to hide this until Christmas. It is...

Irish Cream Toffee Scones

By Teresa Jacobson
I love scones. I love everything about them. I especially love how you can put just...

Beer Batter for Fish

By Amy Herald
This is a great beer batter recipe. I love fish & chips. Serve with a little...

Butterscotch Rum Homemade Hot Chocolate

By Tiffany Bannworth
I love this treat during cold weather or stormy days. Make it a date for two...

Grandma Woods' Apple Pudding

By Marsha Gardner
Not really a pudding in the sense that we know pudding in this country. ...

Scotch Egg

By Amy Herald
These are soooo delicious! Great for breakfast or anytime! I like to serve mine with a...

Irish Soda Bread

By Marsha Gardner
Irish soda bread is a quick bread that uses baking soda rather than yeast. Traditional soda...

Shepherd's Pie

By Amy Herald
This is easy and delicious! Enjoy!

Scotch Lentil Soup

By Marsha Gardner
Our son Jason went to Scotland twice on Mission Trips. He brought several recipes home,...


By sallye bates
Quick and easy finger food

Jeweltone Brandied Fruitcake

By Susan Bickta
I found this recipe over 30 years ago when I first started housekeeping. It was...

Easy leftover Turkey Pot Pie

By Kath Beall
This is my first time posting!! Being Welsh and Hubby American, I use a mixture of both...

DYK Pickled Lemons

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Me and my friend have been having same stomach problems lately. Possible stomach flu. So no...

Saucy Glazed Meatloaf

By Pam Charters
This genorous meatloaf is glazed at end of baking,rich sweet sour glaze

Mars Crackles

By Cathy Smith
I was stationed in Scotland in the Navy in 1976. I stepped off the plane and...

Cucumber & Radish Crostini

By Teresa Bailey
We had a wonderful high tea which featured cucumber and radish crostini instead of cucumber sandwiches....

Lemon Yum

By Edith Kehoe
Sponge-like cake over lemon sauce. A yummy tummy-warming dessert.

Dumplings and Mince

By Kathy Hildebrand
This is England on a plate.Typical of pub food. It is considered a poor mans dish....

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

By Carol Donald
These can be made as a bundt cake or a loaf
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