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Polish Recipes

Polish Potato Pancakes with applesauce on top.

Polish Potato Pancakes W/sour Cream Or Applesauce

Mary Lee avatar
By Mary Lee
My grandmother taught me how to make these. I have to make extra cause I ...
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Stuffed cabbage bundt cake.

Stuffed Cabbage My Way

Everyone has own stuffed cabbage recipe. It's always rice with meat stuffing, rolled in cabbage ...
A platter of Kielbasa and Fried Buttered Sauerkraut.

Kielbasa And Fried Buttered Sauerkraut

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By Sue Faccone
This a simple recipe that everyone seems to like. You have to darken the buttered ...
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This simple low carb Cabbage and Sausage Skillet is made with simple, low-cost ingredients making it an ideal meal for busy families.

Cabbage And Sausage

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By Beth Pierce
This quick and easy Cabbage and Sausage is made in one skillet in less than ...
Slices of Busia's Polish Coffee Cake on a plate.

Busia's Polish Coffee Cake

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By Pat DiMercurio
This recipe was handed down from my Busia (Grandma) to my mom and aunts, who ...
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A platter of Galabki (Real Polish Stuffed Cabbage).

Golabki (real Polish Stuffed Cabbage)

Linda Kauppinen avatar
By Linda Kauppinen
Pronounced go-WOM-bki, also known as cabbage rolls. This recipe is the REAL Polish stuffed ...
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A bowl of Sour Cream & Dill Cucumbers.

Sour Cream & Dill Cucumbers

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By Staci Cakes
I grew up with your everyday sour cream, dill, and cucumber salad on our Polish ...
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Kielbasa Pasta Casserole on a plate.

Kielbasa Pasta Casserole

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By Thelma S
I had several jars of spaghetti sauce that I got on sale. I used 1 ...
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A small bowl of Polish Vegetable Salad.

Polish Vegetable Salad

Lisa Pekala avatar
By Lisa Pekala
This authentic Polish salad is known all over Poland as a staple dish in every ...
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A few delicious pierogi served with sour cream, caramelized onions, cooked bacon and fresh chopped chives.

Pierogi Ruskie

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
These potato cheese dumplings are tasty and a great comfort food recipe to have on ...
Delicious Paczki That Always Turn Out Great!

Authentic Polish Paczki

Polish Paczki Day (Fat Thursday) is coming. This recipe I brought with me from Poland. ...
A slice of Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake on a plate.

Chocolate Easter Bundt Cake

My family loves this Bundt cake. We always make this for Easter. It's best when ...
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Cabbage Roll Casserole ready to serve.

Cabbage Roll Casserole

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By Beth Pierce
Cabbage Roll Casserole is an easy family favorite. It combines all the delicious flavors of ...
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Dill Pickle Soup

Barbara Lentz avatar
By Barbara Lentz
yummy for pickle lovers


Sabrina Kumor avatar
By Sabrina Kumor
My fillings is leftover mashed potatoes, kielbasa/ Sauerkraut mixed together with salt/pepper onion power. Most ...
A dish of Kielbasa Lazy Pierogi.

Kielbasa Lazy Pierogi

Nor Mac avatar
By Nor Mac
I’m sure a lot of you have had lazy pierogi. This is more of a ...
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A platter of Katarzynki (Polish Gingerbread Cookies).

Katarzynki - Polish Gingerbread Cookies

Monica H avatar
By Monica H
When I was a little girl, I loved these cookies. Oh, who am I kidding ...
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Just out of the oven!! Cabbage rolls

Cabbage Rolls

Mary Hendricks avatar
By Mary Hendricks
Cabbage rolls are really versatile.. You can use any ground meat from beef lamb chicken ...
Just ladled this deliciousness into the bowl.

Kielbasa. Cabbage, Potato & Carrot 1 Pot Meal

Sherry Monfils avatar
By Sherry Monfils
Well, since we all know how the Corona virus has effected food shopping, I couldn't ...
Creamy Dill Pickle Soup combines grated dill pickles with potatoes, onions, celery, carrots and garlic in a creamy broth that is perfectly seasoned.

Creamy Dill Pickle Soup

Beth Pierce avatar
By Beth Pierce
This unusual soup is a must try and one of my all time favorites. The ...
Pierogi soup in a Crock-Pot

Pierogi Soup

Melissa Buchanan-Smith avatar
By Melissa Buchanan-Smith
This is great on a cold day. I've tried quite a few pierogi recipes and found ...
A few cheese bagels with jalapeño peppers on a red table mat.

Jalapeño Cheese Bagels

Francine Lizotte avatar
By Francine Lizotte
With chewy, dense interior and some heat to them, these bagels are delightfully delicious either ...
Polish Pickle Soup in a bowl with sour cream on top.

Polish Pickle Soup

Lisa Pekala avatar
By Lisa Pekala
Polish pickle soup is a very popular soup in Poland. It is often served in ...
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Homemade haluski is a dish I have been making for about 17 years now. Very simple and cheap to make, it is a good meal to make for a family on a budget.


Sandra Ann Marie Harvey avatar
By Sandra Ann Marie Harvey
About 17 years ago or so I ate haluski for the first time and loved ...
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