For Pets Recipes

Show your furry friends some love with these homemade pet treat recipes!

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

By JoSele Swopes
This time of year we are always getting special treats for our girls...Their favorite is peanut...

Dog Cheddar Cheese Crackers

By JoSele Swopes
I ran across this on line, our baby girls love their treats...just as much as we...

Molasses Dog Biscuits

By JoSele Swopes
So many different goodies for our girls...I love variety and so do they...What is so nice...

Christmas Trees Dog Treats

By JoSele Swopes
Babies have to have their Christmas Goodies too.....they make great gifts for your dog groomer or...

Crunchy Tuna Cat Treats

By JoSele Swopes
For all of my buddies that have cats...Christmas time and any time treats

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

By JoSele Swopes
My husband and I love to feed the birds and watch them go for it...We have...

Bird Seed Wreath

By JoSele Swopes
I love this one, I can use one of my bread recipes or frozen store bought...

Pinecone Bird Feeder with Bark Butter

By JoSele Swopes
I love using Bark Butter...and the birds love it too...You can add all kinds of goodies,...

Cranberry-Popcorn Garland Bird Feeder

By JoSele Swopes
This is fun, when the kids were little we would string Pop corn and cranberries and...

Grapefruit Birdseed Feeder

By JoSele Swopes
These are great for a bird feeder, in the winter, spring, or summer...the birds love it..

Dog Breath and Tummy Tamers Recipe

By JoSele Swopes
Our girls love these...I give them a daily treat along with their others...They are a big...

Hammy Kitty Treats

By JoSele Swopes
Your kitty will love these...Very healthy treat and easy to make...I hope you enjoy this recipe...


By Camille McClendon
Our dogs love these treats. They must know when I am baking them as they lay...


By Camille McClendon
Tip: I use an old coffee grinder to grind up the dog kibble.

Dog Treat-Peanut Butter Shortbread

By Kathy Brewer
You all probably have your own "taste testers".My dogs LOVE these treats. It's fun to have...

Puppy Peanut Butter Banana Frozen Treats

By Traci Coleman
Best for summer, but my dog likes them anytime of the year! And it's 100% people friendly,...

Doggie Brownie Bites-YES FOR THE DOGS

By Linda Lanpher
These dog treats are very easy to make and very healthy for dogs. I have 3...

doggie treats

By raine justmesugar
i have a picky doggy and well these are her favorite treats


By Lynne Hawkins
Missy had 2 females and 4 males. This little girl is about 2 weeks old...

Bella's bad news

By Stormy Stewart
My daughters 6 month old puppy died this week. She is contained in an underground fence...

Easy Dog Treats

By Ashley Gunderson
Got this recipe from a fellow dog lover.

Paczki is his Name, Thank You All!

By Kim Biegacki
Feb. 10th, 2015 --UPDATE Back on April 20th, 2011 we decide to purchase another dog. So, I...

Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies (for our beloved 4 legged pals)

By Debbie Hardy
I found this in a book I was going thru.Thought I would post for all our...

help i need puppy names photos

By Peggy Boss
ok so here goes....... ok as some of you know, i'm like ellie may clampett here...ive raised...
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