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Smoke Recipes

Smoked and injected turkey.

Turkey Injection/smoke Sauce

Deb Finney avatar
By Deb Finney
This is the only injection sauce I use in our turkey!! It is ...

John's Smoked Bbq Ribs

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
My amazing hubby smoked these for me while I was at an event with Bear ...
The finished and delicious ham!

Spiral Ham In The Smoker, John's

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
John smoked this for Christmas 2022. He used a mix of cherry and mesquite wood ...

Thanksgiving 2022 Smoked Turkey, John's

Megan Stewart avatar
By Megan Stewart
This is the first year John has made the turkey this way, so it could ...
My Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey (Smoked) on a serving platter.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey (smoked)

Georgi Johnson avatar
By Georgi Johnson
This is the only way I do turkey for Thanksgiving. I've been using this recipe ...
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Smoked Pork Tenderloin

Karen Gornick avatar
By Karen Gornick
I am finally put this down as I seem to miss place recipe from time ...

Smoked Cream Cheese

Karen Gornick avatar
By Karen Gornick
I found this little gem online. If you love to smoke and enjoy a good ...
I got 3 rows in my Traeger

Smoked Venison Jerky Chips

Deb Baldwin avatar
By Deb Baldwin
The hamburger jerky has a different texture than regular jerky. This is a lot easier ...
Dee's Smoked Mac N Cheese on a plate.

Dee's Smoked Mac N Cheese

Dee Stillwell avatar
By Dee Stillwell
After trying to make a really good mac n cheese in our smoker several times, ...
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By Dennis Purcell
Everybody has their own idea of what to put on a Kabob, there is no ...
Smoked summer sausage taste so good with extra smoke from the traeger

Smoked Summer Sausage

Deb Baldwin avatar
By Deb Baldwin
My husband is very picky with his summer sausage and he bought a brand he ...
So yummy

Smoker Essentials: Heavenly Pulled Pork Rub & Base

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
As I pen these words another Labor Day is slowly disappearing in the rearview mirror. ...
So yummy

Smoker Essentials: Naked Smoked Beef Ribs

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
If you have a smoker, and a bit of time, you are halfway there. We ...
So Yummy

Smoker Essentials: Chicken With Compound Butter

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
If you have an electric smoker, this is an amazing recipe for smoking a whole ...
Slices cut into the Smoky Juiced Turkey.

Smoky Juiced Turkey

Jason Summers avatar
By Jason Summers
I have made this turkey the last 3 years at Thanksgiving and everyone just loves ...
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So yummy

Spice Essentials: Beef/pork Smoker Dry Rub

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
I have many different dry rubs. This one is designed to work with cuts of ...
This is my first batch of summer sausage this year. 2019

Jim's Summer Sausage

Jim McGuire avatar
By Jim McGuire
I have been trying to make summer sausage the way it was when I grew ...
So yummy

Smoker Essentials: Bacon-wrapped Chuck Roast

Andy Anderson ! avatar
By Andy Anderson !
I love working with chuck roasts, they take a long, slow time to cook, but ...
This is around a nine pound untrimmed brisket on The Board

That Brisket Though!

Anthony Johnson II avatar
By Anthony Johnson II
Nothing Famous here 32" inch wide pit no side and some great flavored brisket just ...

North Carolina Bbq Pork In The Smoker

Tammy Bovender avatar
By Tammy Bovender
This is a recipe we use with our smoker. You could also do the ...
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Smoked prime rib sliced.

Smoked Prime Rib

Pamela Rappaport avatar
By Pamela Rappaport
My family loves this and, while it looks time-consuming, it's very easy! You're just waiting ...
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From Instagram: Pastrami

Pastrami By Will Bodle

Sherry Blizzard avatar
By Sherry Blizzard
Will Bodle was my assistant principal and is a fantastic cook. I especially loved ...

Lynn's Smoked Chicken Breasts

Lynn Socko avatar
By Lynn Socko
Some of the best smoked chicken I've had to date.
Between the spice tub and the mop sauce, it's a taste treat for all of your senses. Bring along plenty of napkins and your appetite. A bib wouldn't hurt either.

Slow Smoked Baby Back Ribs In A Carolina Mop Sauce

George Levinthal avatar
By George Levinthal
I bought my first smoker a couple of years ago and I love it. I've ...
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