Smoke Method Recipes

Venison Meat Loaf Fatty Smoked

By Joyce Stone
This is good in the smoker . I smoked till internal temp was 165. Can be...


By Peggi Anne Tebben
We got this recipe from a friend of my husband's that had a meat processing plant...

Dad's smoked fish (Blue Back)(Salmon)

By deb baldwin
This is my Dad's (L McDonald) recipe. He makes the best smoked fish.He is now 84...

Smoked brisket

By Lynn Socko
Smoked brisket is one of our favorite meals. If you wrap your brisket a few...

Lynn's Smoke-house roast

By Lynn Socko
I had to share this because it is the BEST thing I have ever grilled/smoked in...

Dave's Famous Baked Beans

By David Henson
I've had my family request for me to make these for every thanksgiving dinner evere since...

Smoked Cheese

By Lynn Socko
There are lots of ways to prepare and smoke cheese, this is the way I do...

Who Loves Ya Baby-Back? by Alton Brown

By Dee Stillwell
I saw an Alton Brown segment, "Who loves you Baby Back?" on Food Network about 6...

Smoky Juiced Turkey

By Jason Summers
I have made this turkey the last 3 years at Thanksgiving and everyone just loves it....

Potato Soup With Dumplings

By Eve Peterson
My Mom use to make this for us and now that i am a Mom i...

Awesome & Easy Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs

By Lynn Socko
This is such an easy rub/marinade and would be great on any type of pork or...

Bacon -Homemade in a Smoker

By Pat Duran
This recipe was posted in Edible Portland. And I know there are a lot of you...

Dee's Smoked Mac N Cheese

By Dee Stillwell
After trying to make a really good mac n cheese in our smoker several times, I...

Flexible Smoked Salmon

By Terry Guynes
I've made this salmon several times for my family. It works great as a main...

Smoked Bacon Wrapped Red Apple

By Sherri Williams
If you like baked apples, you are gonna love my smoked apples. They are sweet...

Smoked pork roast

By Irisa Raina 9
This roast has an amazingly sweet, slightly hot zing to it! I just love multiple cooking,...

Pop's & Dee's Smoked Baked Beans

By Dee Stillwell
I grew up with my Pop making baked beans, and he always added onions, molasses, and...

Smokin' St. Louis Cut Ribs - Texas Style

By Tammy Brownlow
It was a Perfect Saturday to grill and smoke some great bbq! I hope you give...

Orange Marmalade Jacked Up Whiskey Smoked Drummies

By Sherri Williams
Simply the best smoked drummettes known to me. LOL Y'all have got try these....

Smoked bologna or summer sausage

By Lynn Socko
There's no real trick to this, depends on what kind or grill or smoker you use,...

Potato, Cauliflower, Cheddar, Garlic, Mashies

By Dee Stillwell
In my quest for healthier eating, I like to add more vegetables into our diet. Instead...

Homemade Chicken and Apple Smoked Sausages

By Tammy Brownlow
Making your own homemade sausage is easier than you think! I actually prefer skinless sausages...

Fireman Bob's Fire House Burger # 7 the Hot One!!!

By Bob Cooney
Here is Number 7... The Smoked Hot One!!!! Hope You all enjoy! NOTE: Cook...
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